Leonard Miller: The Next Great Wolf


The Wolves early second round pick has played one game but looks like a great player in the making. You heard it here first Wolves fans, Leonard Miller is the next great Wolf.

Of course, I am exaggerating but his first summer league game was super promising. He’s being called Vando with a handle and a jumper. Now to me, for a second-round pick, that sounds like an outstanding possibility! When you are a second-round pick and there’s a chance of you becoming a rotation player, that’s a win. So, if he ever becomes a legit part of this core that’s simply hitting the jackpot. A young kid with a lot of upside but also super polished in some areas, now that’s VERY rare.

First Game Highlights

This play stood out. I mean just look at his close out to the shooter! The athleticism and just pure effort is on display. If he can harness this consistently on the defensive end, he can and will be a force.

This is another example of the effort but on the offensive end. You can just tell he is a guy who cares and will do the little things needed to win. He’s already a very good rebounder and has an okay shot and in time it’ll get better. In his first outing he was 2 of 4 from 3.

The young Wolf has potential and that’s all you can ask for given he was a second-round pick. He was mocked higher, however, we were lucky to trade up and get him. Let’s hope he can reach his potential, which honestly is a lot higher than you would think. Ball out again in your second summer league game young man so we can discuss if you are indeed, the next great wolf.