Let’s Face It: All-Star Games Aren’t Fun Anymore.

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Friends and readers, we are in the worst part of the fucking calendar. No more NFL football means chores on Sunday and resorting to watching the XFL. While the games were mildly entertaining, it’s gonna take the XFL a while to attract enough viewers to be relevant enough. Now we’re stuck rooting for the mid-ass Timberwolves and the roller coaster that is the Minnesota Wild. Of course, you reach mid-February and there it is, the NBA All-Star game.

Glorified Snooze Fest

There are so many problems with the way All-Star games operate in all major sports. But the NBA has taken it and made it so much more bullshit. Horrible uniforms every year. No more East vs West, that was freaking sweet. Now it’s just captain LeGM vs goofy ass Giannis. Who gives a rip about the top vote-getters, we all know who the most popular NBA players are.

The NBA did something cool when they implemented the Elam Ending. If you don’t know what that is, behold. And the first year it worked! The All-Star Game made James Harden play defense. And no one can make Harden play D. Now it’s become a whole ass exhibition that few care to watch.

But it’s not just the NBA that’s suffering from pros being tuned out. The Pro Bowl saw itself turn from a boring football game to a mixed bag of middle school gym class games. Which is cool, I guess. The flag football bit was fun, but making people pay hundreds to watch that isn’t really worth it. The NHL idea is unique having the divisions play each other in 3-on-3, but the guys out there just don’t give a fuck. MLB is a joke too, just guys pitching heaters or meatballs to each other for nothing. It was cooler when you had the incentive for home field advantage in the World Series, and yes I mean that. The Home Run Derby saves that whole setup, but even the Derby steam isn’t what it used to be.

I’m all for fun and games, but there has to be a purpose behind it. And apparently an incentive. Both Ja Morant and Anthony Edwards have said they’ll never do the dunk contest. Ant had a good reason though.

That 100k isn’t going to cut it for most of these NBA players that make that in their sleep. I guess we’re stuck with White Jesus himself, Mr. Mac McClung.