Let’s Start a Petition to Bring Kwik Trip to Minneapolis

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Despite my Minnesota pride, there are two things I learned in my time in the University of Wisconsin system (roll Golds), it’s the limits of the human liver and the superiority of Kwik Trip. If there’s one thing you can say about me, it’s that I always back the boys in blue.

That said, imagine my reaction when I moved back to Minneapolis and had this shocking realization:

Why didn’t anyone tell me they avoid the city of lakes like the plague? It’s almost comical how they form a perfect circle in the burbs, but won’t even poke their head inside the border. Now I get it, a big part of the KT business model is being a 1-stop shop, and cities can be less conducive to this. More competition, more options, and more public transit take away from their big money makers (not to mention the fact that they can’t run a beer fridge in MN).

Still, quality and convenience will always have a place in my heart, dammit! Can you imagine the rush of going to get some cheese-filled breadsticks after a night in Dinkytown? We’ve got a new apartment building going up every 10 minutes in North Loop, but they can’t get any glazers? I know we can do better than this! They already sponsor the Vikings, but they aren’t even in the same city!

That’s why I’ve decided to do more than just rant on a sports blog. I’m officially starting a petition to bring Kwik Trip to Minneapolis. If you’re a passionate person with great taste in convenience stores, you can show your support here.

P.S., this isn’t a sponsored blog (but it can be, hit me up KT <3).

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