try not to panic

Let’s TRY not to panic, Wild fans

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Look, I’ll be honest. I’m a pretty optimistic fella by nature. But even I am having a hard time keeping my head up about all of the important injuries/COVID losses the Wild have suffered in the last few games. First Spurgeon and Eriksson Ek both miss the Winter Classic, now we’re looking at a world where the Wild could be without those two AND also down Moose (hopefully not, and it really is just a maintenance day as Dean says) Duhaime, Greenway, Bjugstad, Brodin, Talbot, and, OH YEAH, Kirill Kaprizov. Anytime you’re missing a third of your lineup is tough, but it’s especially daunting when the list includes 4 of your best players and your goalie and you’re still missing 3 guys on top of that. As sick as we all are of hearing Dean say the phrase “doesn’t look good” let’s TRY not to panic, Wild fans.

I guess we have to talk about Trent Frederic, first

Everyone Everyone not on ESPN’s payroll is able to recognize that that hit from Trent Frederic on Kaprizov last night was Grade A bush league. Everyone without a 617 area code recognizes that the hit was dirty and not a hockey play. I mean, fuck, the puck was RIGHT in front of Kaprizov. Frederic is a young player trying to make a name for himself with his physicality. Honestly, before last night, I actually enjoyed his game. He tries, he skates hard, he chirps, he hits.

A nice, clean hit. Love that for the game.

One can’t help but wonder if Frederic took exception to Kaprizov teaching him where to line up for a faceoff. It’s an incredibly hilarious moment, but from this point forward Frederic was seeing so much red when it came to 97, you would think Kaprizov was a matador.

I’m not going to link a clip of the hit. I hate clips where guys get injured. You have google and access to Twitter. It won’t take long if you go looking for it yourself. But I’m not going to link to it.

I will, however, link to Frederic getting stick-tapped to the family jewels by Ovi because nutshots are always funny. And he was totally fine.

I guess Ts and Ps out for Trent Frederic, in addition, even some Bruins fans are saying he should ride some pine for a few days (for different reasons than everyone else, but still, hey), sources are now telling 10K that his girl actually called Minnesota Wild slapshot coach Bo Nehr and asked for a mustache ride.

try not to panic
Multiple sources confirm.

Now seriously, what’s going to happen with the Wild?

Nobody knows. I hate it, but that’s the short, honest answer. As of right now, we don’t know the precise severity of Kaprizov’s injury. I’ve seen Twitter Docs speculate anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks to 4 months. All we know is Evason used his ominous “it doesn’t look good” bit he does with every injury where a guy will miss any time whatsoever. Try not to panic with that, because, quite frankly, Evason isn’t a doctor. It could be better than we expect/fear.

If the Wild are able to stay competitive in the near future, a worst-case scenario is that Ek and Kaprizov are both out until right before the playoffs. We now know Bjugstad is out roughly 6 weeks. Spurgeon is week to week. Hopefully whatever Brodin’s injury from blocking a late shot isn’t too bad. Greenway and Duhaime will be back soon enough from COVID.

The good news is the kids filling in big roles looked alright last night. And by alright, I mean Marco Rossi and Matt Boldy looked absolutely electric. I said on Wild Takes this week that they would get three points between the two of them, and while only Boldy got a goal, they were both inches from additional scoring chances. The kids looked like they belong in the NHL. Great, strong puck play. Smart shots. Kept up with the speed of the game nicely.

These are not what you expect from two kids who can’t legally drink, making their NHL debuts against 21 grown-ass men, one rat, and whatever the fuck we’re calling Frederic now. As Kid Jen said yesterday; welcome to the Boldy and Rossi show.

Looking forward: It’s Fiala Time

The good news is we only have a few games in the next couple weeks, so hopefully that gives the boys a chance to get healthy. The future is bright in Minnesota, even if the immediate future has the dark cloud of Kaprizov’s absence looming over it.

But it’s true what they say, misfortune creates opportunity. I’m officially calling on Kevin Fiala to lead this team offensively while Kaprizov is out. He wants to be paid like a big boy, here’s his chance. Fiala has a serious opportunity to earn himself a LOT of money in the near future if he can take advantage of the team relying on him in the clutch moments instead of playing second fiddle to Kaprizov. He’s done it before, who’s to say he can’t do it again.

I believe in you, Kevin. We all do. In conclusion, everyone mark your calendars for the day we may actually see the Folignos murder each other for trying to avenge fallen teammates.

try not to panic

Bonus conclusion; I made a video for y’all.