Lisan al Gaib is Here and Reporting for Duty

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What’s up Fremen? Yes, your Lisan al Gaib is officially here at 10K (also, if you haven’t
seen Dune: Part Two, stop living underneath a rock).

Johnson, aka me, is officially in the 10K (metaphorical) house! How did I get here you ask, well it
was a long and strenuous journey. Essentially, my buddy and college roomie, Sarge was my in. Sarge and I are buddies and from time to time, even hang out together. We live about 5 minutes away from each other, but one of us lives with our parents still (I’ll let you decide who that is).

Anyways, I wanted all of you fine folks to get to know me a little bit, before I start dropping
straight heat for blogs.

A few “fun” facts…

I’m an assistant hockey coach at a local high school. I’ll share more about this in the future (that’s called a teaser).

I graduated (with Sarge) from the University of Minnesota Duluth, yes I was a super senior.

I’m recently married, congrats to me on the sex.

Our dog, Kona is the ruler of our house.

I was born and raised right here in Minnesota and have yet to see a championship outside of the Minnesota Lynx.

I love hockey and golf. Fun fact, I haven’t scored in beer league for 3 years, and for golf, I’ve only broken 100 3 times. For some reason, I still play (not sure why). But I am the defending Spooner Invitational Champion (shoutout, Bricky).

I sharted on Easter.

Excited to be here and stay tuned for some upcoming blogs!

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