It’s a Bit Podcast

It’s a Bit lays out all of the most awkward and relatable moments in sports and life from 3 of Minnesota’s most average guys. From wacky local story lines to humorous guest interviews, we can promise you will find a few laughs or your money back. Presented by 10k Takes.

The Has-Beens

Has been hockey players talking the latest college hockey and helping normal civilians how to survive life.

It’s a Bet

Featuring Bossman, JJ, and Wags of 10,000 Takes, It’s a Bet is a KFAN radio show that covers all things sports betting from 3 average Minnesotans. From locks of the week, to bad beat horror stories, we can guarantee you will enjoy the rollercoaster a day in the life of a gambler will give you.

It’s Just a Nickname

We are Julie and Jenna, sisters not twins, so it’s just a nickname. We are an entertainment podcast here to give you a hot snapshot of pop culture, a lil bit of sports info, we’ll sprinkle in some guests, all while we discuss millennial life experiences.

State of Skol

We’re here to bring you all of the unfiltered takes, instant reactions to news/games, and fun interviews for all things Minnesota Vikings. Join us as we voyage our way to a Lombardi. SKOL! Presented by 10,000 Takes.

3rd and Forever

An NFL Football Podcast for the fans who hate Football… Presented by Adam Awes and Kevin Olm.

Wild Takes

The Wild Takes Podcast covers everything surrounding the Minnesota Wild. We discuss the latest news and provide our hottest takes and predictions.