Livin’ In A Wild Paradise

Hockey Wild

Wild paradise

One day. One measly day until the Minnesota Wild take the ice against the New York Rangers and send them packing after what I’m projecting to be a blowout home opener en route to a huge season. 

It’s crazy to think that the offseason has come and gone. Familiar faces have gone on to new adventures, young stars have made the roster, and Calen Addison’s long-lost uncle has been discovered. Time really does fly. 

Now, you may be wondering, who the hell is Calen Addison’s uncle? Well, before I get to that, let’s do a quick recap of the offseason. 

  1. Kevin Fiala is an LA King (F Brock Faber and 1st Round Pick)
  2. Dmitry Kulikov is an Anaheim Duck (Future Consideration = zip, nadda, nothing)
  3. Signed Sam Steel (fine)
  4. Cap situation sucks but not as bad because Billy G is the GOAT (facts and if you think otherwise leave)

An eventful offseason that leads to this. Preseason is over, the regular season opener is Thursday, and now to what really matters. Calen Addison’s long-lost uncle.

Wild Paradise - Weird Al Yankovic

After minutes of research, I made the startling discovery at 2AM this past Saturday with the help of some music, Jameson, and NHL 22.

Like the singer, it took a few years for the young defenseman to find his way into the roster. Sure, he’s had some NHL experience over the past few years, but much like Al, he kept pushing to get what he wanted. The spotlight. And now, the light is on him and his glorious stache.

Thursday night the Minnesota Wild host the New York Rangers at the Xcel Energy Center, where Calen Addison will be making his opening night debut. And in honor of Weird Al, Addison is Livin’ In a Wild Paradise.

Hockey season is best season.