LLWS or State Hockey Championship game?

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If you have turned on ESPN over the last week, I’m sure you have seen it’s the time of year where the LLWS regionals have started. (LLWS Starts August 17th).

I was scrolling on Twitter today when I came across this poll.

If you aren’t from Minnesota I’m sure you think I’m crazy for even writing about this. If you’re from MN, I’m sure your thinking right now which one you would rather have happen.


Unless you’re from Minnesota, you really don’t know how big of a deal the State Tournament is for hockey. People pack the Xcel Energy Center like its a NHL game.

The Little League World Series on the other hand is a worldwide tournament. Every kid who plays, dreams of making it to Williamsport. Imagine being 11/12 and playing in front of a 47,000 people like the US Championship in 2015.

US Championship 2015- Pennsylvania Vs Texas

On the current poll, MN State Hockey Championship is currently winning with 64.3% of the votes. I never played hockey so I can’t relate what it would mean to play in the state championship game. I attend every year and the atmosphere is nuts inside and outside the X, so I can only imagine what it would mean to play in a tournament that big.

Hockey Championship Or make it to LLWS?
2015 AA State Championship- Lakeville North Vs Duluth East

Personally, I would choose the Little League World Series. Just to get to the LLWS you have to win your district, state, and regional tournaments. Being 12 you would feel on top of the world. Imagine how many nights you would have spent in a hotel with all your teammates? Growing up outta town tournaments were the highlight of my year. Imagine spending your entire summer as a 12 year old winning baseball games and traveling with your team from hotel to hotel.

If you grew up in Minnesota I’m sure you have dreamed of one of these happening. Would you rather be 12 being able to say you made it to Williamsport? Or would you rather be representing your school and playing in the State Championship Game in front of 19,000 fans? Every year we witness the excitement that comes with advancing to the state tournament.. For 49 states this isn’t even a relevant question. Fortunately we live in the State who hosts the best state tournament out there.