Logan Cooley Just Friend Zoned Gopher Nation


Following his third overall selection in the 2022 NHL Draft, Logan Cooley,19, has joined the Arizona Coyotes under a three-year entry-level contract. This significant step marks a major enhancement to their roster, currently undergoing a rebuild. As a top prospect in the NHL, Cooley’s decision to sign with the Coyotes promises to catalyze a powerful shift in the team’s future.

But Gopher Nation?!

Just months prior, Cooley had announced his intention to return to Gopher Nation for his sophomore year but opted to forego his college eligibility. This unexpected decision was met with disappointment by the fans who had hoped to retain Cooley for at least another season.

Critics of Cooley’s decision have gone so far as to accuse him of severely undermining the Gophers by choosing to sign with the Coyotes. They argue that Cooley’s commitment to the Gophers and their quest for a national championship should have taken precedence.

Despite facing criticism, Cooley stands firm in his decision. He has every right to chase his NHL dream, and others should respect this choice. The Coyotes are undoubtedly lucky to have captured his talent, with expectations high for him to be a shining star in the NHL for years ahead.

Are the Coyotes about to be the Real Deal?

Cooley’s signing is a HUGE BOOST for the Coyotes! His anticipated contribution to the team, especially at the center position, is substantial. Arizona hosts a number of young centers, yet lacks a top-line player among them. Cooley is poised to step in right away, bridging this gap, and is predicted to make a significant contribution to the team’s performance.

Will the Gophers Live?

In contrast, Minnesota grapples with a substantial loss due to Cooley’s departure. His absence creates a void in their lineup, particularly as he topped the scoring charts last season. Additionally, he was projected to be a standout among this year’s Big Ten players. Despite this challenge, the Gophers maintain strong prospects for a solid performance this year. However, it’ll be intriguing to see how they adjust without Cooley.

Logan Cooley’s signing with the Coyotes represents a pivotal move for both teams. The Coyotes have gained a top prospect, while the Gophers have lost their best player.