Logan Paul Survives Turning The Boxing World On It’s Head…WHAT THE HELL FLOYD?

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I had zero intention of watching Sunday Night’s PPV but after a French Broadcast streamed it live on Twitter, I had to tune in. Expectations of an actual fight were low, but my hope was for Floyd to decide when to end Logan Paul’s night with his classic Counter Overhand Right, but that moment never came. While it was a lopsided fight, the YouTuber survived and turned the Boxing World on its Head. After 8 awful rounds of Boxing, the only winners were Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Bank Account, the Paul Brothers, their fans, and any Thots who want to get with the Paul brothers (looking at you Cam and Andy). The rest of us took a HUGE L watching this fight.


An awkward start to the Main Event entrances certainly acted as a precursor to a terrible fight. Ring Announcer, Jimmy Lennon Jr., told the crowd that rap trio Migos would be performing. However, that never happened as all they did was lip sing, prolonging our suffering. After a 5-minute delay, Floyd was instead accompanied by something called “Moneybagg Yo”. WHO THE FUCK IS MONEYBAGG YO??!!


As someone who has watched Floyd box for nearly 20 years, I fully expected the first couple of rounds to be low in action. He prefers using his elite defense to make opponents miss and tire before going on the Counterattack. As usual, his tactics worked as the YouTuber threw wild punches missing on almost all of them and showed signs of fatigue after two rounds.

Logan Giving It Hell in the 1st Round…He Gassed Out Shortly After This Spurt

THE 3rd & 4th ROUNDS

With Paul having punched himself out, it was time for the TBE (The Best Ever) to impose his will on the inferior fighter. I will admit, the size difference was more dramatic than I expected so it appeared it might take Floyd longer to chop the larger fighter down. However, the fatigued in Paul was so obvious, I thought he may pull a Roberto Duran and say “No Mas” between rounds. Credit to the YouTuber, he sucks at boxing but his will to fight through the fatigue was impressive. Imagine being tired as fuck and having to fend off Pretty Boy Floyd, no thanks.


Credit Mayweather, when he fought Conor McGregor, he allowed that fight to go longer than it should have been. He wanted to give the fans a show, but when it was time to quit playing games, he started to touch up the Irishman something fierce before the ref called the fight. I figured he would do the same in this fight but after a few rounds, the fight was becoming a joke, yet Floyd would not or could not end it. We saw more hugging and grabbing by Paul and a few counter rights by Floyd, but still not much action.

Lots of Hugs, Way Too Many Hugs, More Hugs Than Punches


I would have loved to hear Showtime Crew’s (Again I was streaming a Free French Broadcast) thoughts and analysis as this Dumpster Fire continued. It was baffling that Floyd would let this trash fight be a part of his legacy as arguably the GOAT of Boxing. While it would have been a blowout on the scorecards (There were no Judges nor scorecards), boxers and boxing fans expected and demanded a KO but it never came. As the final bell drew near cameras kept panning over to the worse Paul Brother, Jake who was celebrating like an idiot.

Official Fight Stats – No Official Scorecard


I did fear that Floyd was 100% in on the bit, knowing he’d still cash out without risking injury. Early reports project Logan Paul cashing in at $20 Million and Floyd Mayweather Jr. bagging around $100 Million. However, as the legend Chael Sonnen says: “the only thing more embellished than Floyd’s PPV numbers is Floyd’s net worth“.

Some Pro Fighters are not happy about this, considering it was an “Exhibition”.  Thankfully, I stumbled upon a free stream, so I am not out any cash, but as a Boxing Fan, this fight certainly tarnished the sport. It was terrible boxing and now knowing YouTubers can make more money compared to real fighters will draw a ton of heat on Boxing and MMA Commissions around the world.

I blame young people, like our own Andy Boerjan and Cameron Thompson, for worshipping these fools and helping them become mainstream. Seriously, our society is in real trouble when the next generation like Cam and Andy are heavily influenced by the Jake and Logan Paul’s of the World. God, please save us all!!