Islanders Force Game 7, Fans Force the Janitorial Staff to Bust their Asses by Tossing Beers.


Last night the Islanders came back after giving up 10 straight goals to force a Game 7 against Tampa Bay. It was an electric overtime thriller and one of the best games of the year. As soon as it ended, the Isles fans started chucking cans of beer on the ice like they were trying out for the Olympic basketball team. I was trying to wrap my head around why anyone in the world would shower their own team with beer in elation.

I don’t want to be the Karen of the group, but let’s just imagine one of the players got smoked and ended up missing Game 7. They didn’t, thank god. Not that it would have mattered since hockey players are the toughest athletes in the world. The Islanders fan base has had to put up with years and years of mediocrity, similar to use Minnesotans, but I can’t see my neighbor Greg throwing away a $17 beer.

Then it hit me. Are Islanders fans genius?

Maybe the Isles fans are all about content? Were they trying to one-up the Bruins yet again? Or maybe they’re not unlike their New York brethren in Buffalo? Doing the cool things like smashing tables, showering in ketchup/mustard, and rocking Zubaz on game day. What if they were trying to go for an epic beer chugging moment like this gem?

I guess I can’t blame them then, imagine an absolute man-rocket Barzal snagging the beer out of mid-air, cracking it on his skate, and chugging that bad boy down? You’d see everyone and their mothers on Long Island have that tattooed on them win or loss. They’ve already had an unreal beer chugging moment to get the boys buzzing. Now feels like an appropriate time to take a shot at Aaron Rodgers and his brutal beer chug. Did I mention it was only half full?

Who is taking game 7?

All in all, I guess I’m okay with tossing beers. It’s weird, but whatever. and I do in all honesty believe Isles have the best coach in the NHL. It helps that I still have the opportunity to root for Clutterbuck. With guys like Kaprizov showing me that it’s okay to trust Russians, I have to have faith in their goaltending (editor’s note: the Bolts also have a Russian netminder, so this is a wash). It’s the battle of defense VS. being 17 million dollars over the Cap. I’ll be hammering the Islanders for Game 7 with Bettor Edge. Make sure you use code 10K to get yourself $5 for free so you can take Bossman’s money.