Tired: MLB…. Wired: Townball.

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With Major League Baseball in shambles at the moment, it is setting the stage for Townball in Minnesota. MLB is currently in a lockout over labor negotiations. The classic Millionaires v.s. Billionaires. It’s much more than that and a lot deeper (for the love of God please pay minor leaguers a decent salary). With the season in doubt it sets up nicely for one of Minnesotas Gems, townball.

Now don’t get me wrong, I want nothing more than MLB to play the full 162 game slate. I am a Twins season ticket holder, love baseball, love the Twins, love Byron Buxton. With that being said I have to be realistic and if there is no MLB season… maybe that’s okay? Maybe it can be the summer of Townball. Before the Twins moved to Minnesota from DC in 1961, Townball was Minnesotas best production of baseball. Since there was no pro team your local town team was the game you went to, the team you cheered for. Once the Twins came to Minneapolis Townball popularity took a big hit because who doesn’t want to go watch Harmon Killabrew, Rod Carew, Tony O, Kirby, Joe Mauer, and Byron Buxton? They’re in the top .001 percentile of humans.

In 2021 Townball had a renaissance. It’s been getting more steam as of late but last Fall was a big leap. The State tournament had the highest attendance since 1959. NINETEEN FIFTY NINE. It was incredible. With the possibility of no MLB this summer there is a great chance we see the love for Townball continue to grow. Even in a negative situation, try to find a positive and here it is.