The Major League Cup Snake is Approaching!

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Ladies and Gentlemen! Can I have your attention?! We’ve officially been called up from the minors (where we broke a world record) to the big leagues to produce the world’s biggest cup snake. A Major League Cup Snake, to be exact. We had our fun in the minor leagues with the St. Paul Saints and will probably be back. But now it’s time to move to the next level because as you all may already know, we are “Professionals” here at 10,000 Takes.

We are looking to once again make history by not only having the most drunk people in one square mile at one time. But breaking the world record for the longest cup snake. And we will be doing so with the support of the Minnesota Twins. Our credibility is through the roof.

We are actually going back to where it all started. Back in June 2021, the 10K Cup Snake movement began right at Target Field, full-on grassroots style. Unfortunately, the snake was shut down by security. But now we have power. We have the backing of the Twins to make this happen. We shall not be stopped! And we’ll be doing this the right way, none of this bullshit that the “Colorado Mammoth” pulled.

Buy your ticket now here to reserve yourself a spot in history. Every ticket comes with $15 loaded concession value (if you don’t a buy a beer or refreshment with this to contribute to the snake, you mean nothing to me), additionally, $5 goes back to the Twins Community Fund. Charity, Cup Snake and FREE BEER?!?!? C’mon Jim! It’s free!


If all that didn’t turn you on, Sammy Adams, yes THE Sammy Adams, will be in attendance. Say goodbye to keeping your pants loose. To make your pants even tighter, Sammy will also be hosting an after party event at Ties Night Club in downtown Minneapolis directly after the game. So let’s party at the game…….and then party some more after the game!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are talking a Major League Cup Snake. DO NOT MISS THIS!!! Get your damn tickets NOW!