Making Money to Lose on the Weekend

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What if I told you that I had a foolproof way for you to be making money to gamble away over the weekends? Well…I’d be a liar. However, I got the next best thing. It’s electric enough to get your heart rate up to 1000bpm, quick enough to feed that gambling addiction, and safe enough to let you actually win. What could go wrong besides declaring bankruptcy at 23? Absolutely nothing. The bet of all bets happens to be none other than the NRFI.

Making money with NRFIs
Making money with NRFIs

That’s ”No Runs First Inning” to the novice gamblers out there. I must’ve been living under a rock because I only found out about this beauty late last week. My life’s been changed ever since, and the bankroll’s ready to be demolished over the weekend. Now, I’m not saying it’s impossible to win by entrusting 18 to 22-year-olds with your hard-earned cash. I’m just saying it’s way harder. But putting your entire net worth on one inning of a baseball game where the outcome’s an out like 80% of the time…genius. If you need any more convincing, here you go.

1. It takes less than 20 minutes to know if you won or not.

Nothing like making money quick and fast. As we all know, it takes money to make money, and having money available to make the next bet doesn’t hurt. Additionally, I know we live in a world where the attention span of a human is less than that of a dog. Therefore, getting the outcome in less time than it takes to watch 10 full Tik Tok’s is pretty critical.

2. The pitchers are at their best.

Full tank of gas in the pitching arm, and the batter hasn’t seen their stuff yet. What more do you need? Imagine stepping into the box, planting that back foot, getting the elbow up, and then taking a 99mph heater by you for a strike. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to need more than 1 at-bat to make something happen.

3. The odds are better than you think.

When I first heard about the NRFI, I assumed the lines would be in the -200 realm. It turns out books don’t have a problem giving you anywhere from -110 to -150 on any different game. Now you may say Vegas always wins, and you’re likely right. However, the NRFIs are already 6-3 to start the week through Monday’s games. You’re up plus money just betting every game. Now add some analysis and gut feelings…the possibilities are endless. There’s nothing better than checking scores and seeing something like this:

I wish I could tell you that this plan is foolproof, but I wouldn’t be sitting in Grandma’s basement writing this if that were true. However, it might be something worth trying to build the bankroll before everything goes south on Saturday and Sunday. Let me tell you, football is not the way to be making money. To be honest, getting a job’s probably the way to go. As always gamble safely, legally, and responsibly.