Rob Manfred, The Commissioner from Hell

Manfred – The Commissioner from Hell

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Rob Manfred, The Commissioner from Hell
Rob Manfred is an ugly clown from hell – Yes I’ve resorted to name calling

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred is many things. A clown is certainly one of them. An ugly clown from hell? Even more so! And yes, I am so fed up with him that I have resorted to name calling.

Almost 2 years ago now, I wrote a piece called “Robert Manfred May Have a Brain After All“. This blog was written after he announced changes that would be implemented, such as ending COVID season rules. However, a few months later, I wrote “The Man Who Killed Baseball“. In that blog, I depicted Manfred as this evil person who was doing everything in his power to ruin the game of baseball. Basically, the man went back on his word and continues to do so to this day!

Runner on 2nd

The runner on 2nd. MY FUCK. I can’t stand this shit.

In extra innings (after the 9th), a runner will be placed at 2nd base each half inning to start. This was done to help keep players healthy during COVID shortened season in 2020. To this day, we still have this fuckery going on. But only during the regular season. Sure, it may not seem like a big deal since it is limited to just the regular season. However, I still blame the derailment of the 2021 Twins season on this rule, as well as Alex Colome.

Season defining loss against the Athletic’s on April 21st, 2021

On February 13th of 2023, this rule was made permanent by the Joint Competition Committee. Now this consists of pace of play in Major League Baseball has long been a topic of discussion. The game has been, dare I say, dying for some time now. As much as it pains me to say that, it’s true. People young and old just don’t seem to care for it anymore. While I am a die hard fan of the game and will always love it, I recognize that some things need to be changed. I don’t personally care how long games are. It gets me away from reality for a little bit, I can relax, and have my heart ripped out by the Twins.

But this rule was allegedly going to go away. Manfred fucking lied to us.

Pitch Clock

While the pitch clock has been a fixture of MiLB for a few seasons now, it is something brand new for most Major League players. We’ve been able to see just how much bullshit it’s created first hand during spring training. There has been quite a few incidents where players have struck out as a result of the clock expiring, but none more memorable than Cal Conley’s experience back in February.

Cal Conley isn’t set in the box before the pitch clock hits 8 seconds

This is one of the many reasons I can’t stand the pitch clock. I will admit, it has made the game go by a lot faster. Time totals for games are once again hovering around (OR BELOW) 2 and 1/2 hours. And the games are surprisingly smooth and truly do not feel rushed until we run into situations like this. However, it is ruining the quality of the game! Both teams could use an extra second or two in situations like this. How are players supposed to adapt in an at bat if it’s going a full 150% faster than normal?

It should be noted that this rule will not be called in the playoffs. God bless. But that doesn’t mean this won’t impact teams throughout the regular season though. Need I mention the 2021 Twins blow up game against the A’s again?

This not only is going to impact the game all by itself, but this will be another tool that umpires can use to make the game all about them. I’m looking at you, Angel Hernandez.

Catering To The Wrong Audience

By making these moves that are altering the game we love, Manfred is catering to the wrong audience. He is now catering to casual fans. Those that can’t tell the new Minnesota logo to the Miami Marlins. Those whose favorite player is either Mike Trout or Shohei Ohtani because those are the only players they know.

New Minnesota Twins M Logo
Miami Marlins Logo

I understand that changes need to be made if baseball is to become relevant once more. I understand that games take forever sometimes, but this is not the way to go about it. To change the game so much that stats are from here on out are going to be tracked differently? Fuck that.

Those that have stuck around through Manfred’s rise to power don’t really care if the game goes 3 hours. They like being at the ballpark, paying $12 for a beer, and spending some time away from reality.

Only one man can save us; enter, Frank The Tank.

Frank The Tank protesting in front of MLB Headquarters

While this happened over a year ago, Barstool icon Frank The Tank protested in front of MLB headquarters over Manfred’s bullshit. Ultimately, Frank was arrested. But he will not be silenced. I’m ready for a new change in leadership, let’s give Frank the keys. He couldn’t do any worse than what Manfred has done this far.