Basketball Gambling NCAA

The best month of the year for basketball has arrived. This is why college hoops surpasses the NBA in my mind. The number of possible outcomes is endless. It is rumored that the odds of predicting a perfect bracket are over nine-quintillion to one. I’ll be honest, I don’t even know how many zeroes are in a quintillion. But, we are two weeks away from the greatest weekend in basketball and there’s plenty of reason to get excited NOW! Cue the music!!

Conference Tournaments

Some of the conference tournaments have already begun. This is where Cinderella stories are born. Conferences like the Ohio Valley, Big South, and Northeast Conference are each kicking off playoff tournaments this week and competing for automatic bids to the big dance! These are the most fun teams to watch as they know they are the underdogs and the ones that make runs to the Sweet 16 and beyond are some of the grittiest teams around.

The Bubble

There are plenty of teams that don’t know their fate just yet. Blue bloods like Villanova, North Carolina, and Kentucky are on the fringe of going dancing and have some work to do in the regular season as well as their conference tournaments to hear their names called on Selection Sunday.


Why wait for the brackets to come out to pick your winner? There’s plenty of action you can get in on now to (responsibly) feel the madness. Wagers can be placed on future bets to win the national championship at any time during the season and there’s plenty of value to be had now with the projected field being as wide open as it’s ever been. As mentioned before there are also plenty of meaningful conference championship games to get you into the spirit of the season.

Next Up

We have a week and a half of conference tournament matchups before the big dance kicks off. The First Four matchups are on Tuesday, March 14th. The Final Four will be played on April 2nd with the national championship on Monday, April 4th. There will be nothing but nonstop action in between! Prepare yourselves, this is MARCH!