Marco Rossi to the AHL

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Alright Wild fans, in case you’ve been living under a rock the last 72 hours, center Marco Rossi was sent down to the AHL.

You see, it’s always a tough pill to swallow when a player with so much potential doesn’t deliver. However, this was definitely the right move. The kid has a bright future ahead of him, but when you’re not producing, something’s gotta change. 

Registering just one point in 16 games this season while playing mediocre hockey, the Austrian native couldn’t seem to find his place. This led to four straight scratches and a “pack your bag” conversation with Deano and Billy G. 

Throughout the 16 games, he showed some promise, but something always seemed off. He looked afraid to take hits, sometimes shied away from puck battles, and wasn’t the elite faceoff winner we were expecting. While this was frustrating to watch, I never gave up hope. Even from afar, I never stopped cheering him on.

Speaking of… As a person who has rooted for Marco Rossi every game this season…

I’m confident that Marco Rossi will return to the Wild roster within the next few months. And yes, he will score his first NHL goal. It’s going to be fine. I mean look at his first AHL game for Iowa the other night. 3 points in the 1st period alone including his first goal of the season?! You f$#@%$^ betcha Wild fans, you f$#@%$^ betcha. The kid knows he blew it and now he’s playing pissed. He needed the bitch slap to the face, the thunder punch to the jugular, the bird to shit on him. That’s what happened, and now it’s time for him to get his poop together and take the AHL and NHL by storm.

Patience leads to all great things in life no matter how frustrating it can be. Also, let us not forget that when times get tough you have two choices:

1. Lay there squealing

2. Put your big boy pants on and get to work

Failure is no longer an option for Marco Rossi.