Mario Super Sluggers Stadiums Power Ranking

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NBC Sports recently tweeted “What’s the most iconic venue in all of sports?”, and people have taken to X to share some of their thoughts. Most people have replied or quote tweeted this post with pictures of Wrigley Field or The Rose Bowl, but I’ve noticed some people have gotten creative with what they are sharing.

Now I’m not a huge video game guy, but Mario Super Sluggers is without a doubt my favorite video game of all time. When I was in middle school, my friends and I would stay up till 4 a.m. playing best of five series until we could crown a champion. We had rules about quick pitching that would cause heated altercations if someone didn’t abide, and there would be serious shit talking throughout every inning.

In honor of this X post and my love for this game, here are the power rankings for all ten Mario Super Sluggers Stadiums.

#10 Toy Field

Power Ranking Mario Super Sluggers Stadiums

I honestly wouldn’t count Toy Field as a Mario Super Sluggers stadium because you can’t even play normal games on it, and that’s why I have it bringing up the rear. This field was basically just a mini game you could play where you tried to hit the ball in different areas on the field to earn coins. I personally thought it was really boring and could count on one hand how many times I’ve played it. But nonetheless, it is a part of this beautiful game and it is technically a stadium so I have to include it in the official power rankings.

#9 Peach Ice Garden

Power Ranking Mario Super Sluggers Stadiums

Despite what others might believe, this stadium has absolutely zero endearing qualities. For starters, the outfield fence is 10 miles away from home plate. Sure, every once in awhile you might yank one down the line and have it sneak out for a home run, but centerfield and the gaps are a black hole.

The other reason this stadium is trash, is that because the outfield is so massive, it’s impossible to play defense on. You can give up a low line drive that barely makes it out of the infield and it will roll all the way to the fence for an easy triple or even an inside the park home run. Oh, and not to mention the field is made of ice so your outfielders will randomly slip and miss the ball. AND those stupid icebergs that move around the outfield freeze your outfielders for like five seconds if they run into you. It’s a pitchers ball park but it’s also where ERAs go to die and that doesn’t make sense to me.

#8 Luigi’s Mansion

Power Ranking Mario Super Sluggers Stadiums

Something that is kind of cool about this stadium is that you can only play it at night. But other than that, I’m not a huge fan. The grass in the outfield is super long so you can’t see where the ball is sometimes, which I find annoying, and there are ghosts that mess with you if you run too close to the gravestones.

Unlike Peach Garden, however, you can hit absolute taters here which I do appreciate and that is why it just barely squeaked into the number eight spot on this list.

#7 Wario City

Wario City doesn’t quite get enough love as it should. It’s got a cool metropolitan area vibe and fun scenery in the outfield. The field itself has manholes that spray water at the defense and arrows that bounce the ball in different directions if it lands on them.

I personally love playing this stadium on night mode because the many different signs and neon lights look way cooler and it almost feels like a cartoon representation of Las Vegas. Center field is shallower than the corner outfield walls so you can hit nukes right into the giant Wario head which is also a nice perk. This was stadium was definitely in my rotation when I played back in the day and I’ve got no complaints about it.

#6 Yoshi Park

Not only is Yoshi one of my favorite Mario characters of all time, his stadium in this game has everything. The field itself looks sick with the brick base paths and giant Yoshi artwork in the middle of centerfield. The fences on this field are kind of funky with two really high walls in right and left center where the train comes in and out. There are also the classic Mario pipes where plants will pop their heads out and steal balls hit into the outfield and spit them out from a different pipe. Oh, and not to mention an amusement park in the background that puts Valley Fair to shame.

The only gripe I have about this stadium, is the stupid train being IN the field of play. So not only can it get in the way of playing defense, it will run your ass over if you make contact with it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great when you think you’ve hit a routine fly ball and your opponent gets absolutely railed (pun intended) by the train, but overall I think the field would be much better if the train was outside of the field of play like it is at Minute Maid Park in Houston perhaps.

#5 Mario Stadium

This stadium is obviously the most realistic baseball field this game has to offer, but there is beauty in its simplicity. The dimensions are perfect, it’s right on the water and there are thousands of screaming Shy Guy fans giving it that classic ballpark feel.

This is the stadium you play at when you want to find out who truly is the best Mario Super Sluggers player. No flaming barrels, no manholes, no bullshit, just ball. Games feel like they are on a bigger stage when you’re playing at Mario Stadium, and even without all the glitz and glam, it deserves to crack the top five.

#4 Daisy Cruiser

I feel like Daisy Cruiser is one of the more polarizing stadiums in this game, but I’ve always enjoyed it. It definitely doesn’t get enough credit for how fun and creative it is. It’s got a Polo Grounds type of feel with very short fences down the lines, making it really fun to hit nukes into the ocean. When you play this stadium at night, there are strings of lights that line the outfield giving it some nice scenery.

The coolest part of this stadium is that if you play at night, about halfway through the game a giant squid dramatically emerges from the ocean and latches onto the side of the ship, tilting the field of play for an inning. The idea of playing baseball on a cruise ship is exciting enough to adore this stadium, but I think this field has a lot of unsung characteristics that make it special.

#3 Bowser Castle

Bowser Castle gives you that feeling of walking into a rival opponents stadium and getting hyped up by the boos from the crowd. It’s the North Carolina at Cameron Indoor Stadium, it’s the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field, it’s the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

Mario Super Sluggers has a story mode and to beat the final level you have to take on a stacked team of Bowser and his cronies at this stadium. I can remember ten year old Caden getting so hyped to kick the shit out of those bastards, and I’ve always enjoyed the dark and eery aura this field gives.

There is lava that spills into the outfield making it difficult to field the ball, and the giant Bowser statue in center field will occasionally blast fire from its mouth burning every player in its way. It’s a tough environment to play in, but it definitely brings out that competitive edge needed to be one of the greats.

#2 Bowser Jr. Playroom

We are getting down to the nitty gritty now, and let me tell you, these last two choices were tough. Bowser Jr. Playroom is an all time classic stadium, and up there amongst the ranks of Wrigley and Fenway. It brings out the ridiculousness of this game and the inner child that exists within us.

This stadium serves as the day time version of Bowser’s Castle, and when you flip the game into night mode, it vanishes. The entire field is surrounded by a train track and building blocks with a massive Bowser Jr. head hanging over the center field fence. The walls at this stadium are quite high, but not too high to hit towering dingers, which is a plus.

In the outfield, there are multiple shadows that trigger both Bullet Bills and Chain Chomps to harass the outfielders when the ball is hit on them. These obstacles provide the perfect amount of annoyance without creating too much of an advantage for either team. Playing in this stadium almost feels like a goofy colosseum because of how boxed in it is, and I for one enjoy duking it out at such a special ballpark.

#1 DK Jungle

Mario Super Sluggers Stadiums

I’m going to be honest, it took me awhile to narrow it down between these last three. All of these stadiums have so much to offer, but when I look into my soul I know deep down this is by far the best stadium. What’s cooler than a fucking jungle?

DK Jungle has by far the most bad ass center field statue with Donkey Kong wearing a jungle crown and banging on three drums. And not only does it look cool it, actually moves on its own! The outfield also features two cannons that shoot Donkey Kong’s famous barrels diagonally across the field. But the best part is that this place absolutely rocks on night mode. The field is lit by tiki torches all over the field, and the cannons shoot flaming barrels.

All of this is amazing, I know, but my absolute favorite thing about this stadium is the music that plays during the game.

Namco Bandai Games absolutely cooked with that tune, and to me that’s the icing on the cake to crown DK Jungle as the best Mario Super Sluggers Stadium.

For all you die hard Mario Super Sluggers fans, I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane as much as I did.