Matt Dumba: Endgame

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With Matt Boldy signing his seven-year, $49 million extension with the Minnesota Wild this past week, you have to wonder… When is #24 lacing up his wild skates for the last time?

For the past several years defensemen, Matt Dumba, a solid d-man with an incredible shot has been playing the rumor game. Dumba, who had a great start to his career until that fight against Matthew Tkachuk back in ‘19 which ended his season knows his time is running out.

I can’t even imagine how that must feel. Knowing that every day you go to the rink you’re awaiting that jump scare scene from Loki where Miss Minutes (or, in this case, Billy G) pops out and tosses you some life changing news. I’d hate that! Thankfully, however, conversations have been had and Dumba seems to understand his fate and is ready.

The 6’0″ 181lb Canadian born player has suited up for this Minnesota Wild organization for 562 games. During that time he’s notched 234 points with a +40 rating which is pretty solid! His ENTIRE career has been spent with this team. This is all he’s known. But, as the old saying goes, all good things come to an end.

This season hasn’t been the best version of Dumba in my opinion, but not the worst either. Playing 43 games Matt has seen 4 goals hit the back of the net while tossing 8 apples to the folks around him (12pts). Compare this to last season where he played 57 games and tallied 27pts. Definitely not the start he’d like but his defense has picked up which is making this good-bye a whole lot harder.

So What Really Matters?

Now, as we inch closer and closer to the deadline, one thing matters more than anything else… WINNING! Here’s the thing, if we keep winning, we’re going to need a solid replacement for Dumba. And no, Goligoski is not that player (love the guy but no). A good problem we currently have is we have two rock solid goaltenders who are playing out of their minds.

Good defense + scoring +good goaltending = WINNING.

So, what happens if we keep winning? Ask for the solid return. If Billy G doesn’t like what he sees, we wait until the offseason and he’s gone. Tough decisions all around but as always, IN BILLY WE TRUST. Personally, I see a trade happening before the deadline but this is coming from a guy who is an amateur at hockey.

But I’d love to know, what do you think? Will Dumba be gone before the deadline or will we say our goodbyes this summer?