Maybe The Packers Are Just Bad

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Let me get out in front the Packers fans right now. Say what you will about the Vikings this season. “A fraud 5-1 team.” “Haven’t played anyone half way decent.” “Kirk Cousins looks fucking dope in those chains.” I don’t think there’s many Vikings fans that would disagree with you on any of those points. But the biggest difference between us and you? We’re 5-1 coming off a bye week playing against Kyler and the Cardinals two days after the new Call of Duty game comes out. You’re 3-4 coming off a loss to the Commies and have the Bills on Sunday night. Yikes. Maybe the Packers are just bad.

Stats Don’t Lie

It’s time for Packers fans, football fans and even the Rodgers jock sniffers over at ESPN to admit that maybe the Packers are just bad. Rodgers is obviously a HOF quarterback but I hate to break it to you…Hail Mary to beat the Lions Rodgers isn’t around anymore. Your defense is ok, but you can’t win games in the NFL without a supporting cast. I’m tired of listening to everyone saying that they’ll figure it out and they’re still contenders to win the NFC North…

Here’s where Green Bay ranks this season

Those right there are some crooked, shitty numbers. You cant keep saying that this a team that is a contender with a quarterback and offense that has talent even though you rank in the bottom half of the NFL in almost every statistical category.

Just for shits and giggles we’ll compare them to another team in the NFL. Lets just go with the like…Vikings?

Now there you go…that’s a contender right there. Ok, the Vikings offensive rankings aren’t making me pitch a tent in my pants. They rank better than the Packers in almost every way though. And the most important stat of all. 5-1. We find a way to win close ball games that’s been a problem for the Vikings for YEARS. Something that the Packers are learning to do. Especially when they don’t have every call on the field go in their direction.