Medina Spirit Dabbles In The Steroids Bit


At the Kentucky Derby a week and a half ago, Medina Spirit won what they call the most exciting 2 minutes in sports. I call bullshit, have you ever watch 3 v 3 (or Playoff) overtime hockey shit is electric. Anyways this wouldn’t be 2021 without a little bit of controversy and boy did we get just that!

Yeah you read that right, a horse just got caught for using steroids. But since we can’t blame the horse, I introduce you to Mr. Bob Baffert. Baffert looks like he could be related to Robert Kraft, which would explain the cheating bit. This isn’t even Baffert’s first run-in with horse steroid related controversy in the last year! Picture this: you’re Bob Baffert, you’re on Cloud Nine because you won the Kentucky Derby and are going to make millions of dollars pimping out your stallion’s seed and then this comes out… rough day. It sure would suck, but at least there’s nothing he can do to make it worse…wait…

Codeine Dreaming

This is fucking hilarious. I can’t believe Bob just drops this knowledge bomb on us, like we’re the morons who didn’t know Ny-Quil makes you run faster. I’m pretty sure Ny-Quil deserves half of the winnings because I really don’t think Medina Spirit wins without it. I mean come on, this is your response to a cheating allegation, fucking COUGH SYRUP. At least we now know that Medina Spirit likes to pour up.


Even Trump chimed in…

I’m officially speechless. This whole thing is made up right? 2021 is just a series of MadLibs style headlines at this point, right?

Anyway, watch out for your tainted piss hay. Would hate to see anyone lose their job and have to explain it’s because you ate something covered in cough syrup urine.