Meet My New Girlfriends

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The TMZ rumors are true and thanks to the fact that I’m in quarantine for the next two weeks, I figured this was a great time to accelerate my goals, both professionally and sexually. I’m not sure how the idea came to mind but in the midst of boredom, I decided to spend my time seeing how many Instagram models I could get to at least notice me, let alone respond.

Last week, we struck gold early on Wednesday night’s “10K Studio Update”. No that wasn’t the one where Mother Nature blew the window off the fucking studio, its the video where I filled out the official boyfriend application for Julia Rose (Timeline below):

And of course because I was giving so much attention to Julia, Sommer Ray got jealous and had to join the party….

So there you have it, Bossman’s quests to be noticed by every Instagram model is off to a hot start, so stay tuned for more of this. Hell, I might even launch my own show where Internet Stars compete to go on a date with me.

P.S. For all of you calling me a “Simp”, show me the Tweets where these girls responded to you and I might just listen to your stupid opinion.