Memorial Day with 10K Takes

Memorial Day Musts

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Don’t you dare do it. Don’t you even think about taking a peek. You looked. I knew it. Come on, have some self-restraint people. Unfortunately, your eyes do work. And believe it or not, only 37 seconds have ticked by since the last time you checked the clock, opened this link, and started reading. Not all hope is lost though. At least your job’s paying you to read this blog and get nothing done before the greatest time of the year…Memorial Day Weekend.

The official start to summer is finally here, and nobody does it better. Minnesotans were bred for this. Others like to think they know summer best, but it takes a group of people who routinely experience negative temperatures, snow days in May, and thundering hail storms to truly appreciate the season that’s upon us. Whether it’s going to the lake, playing 36 holes of golf, or barbecuing an entire farm, we do summer right. Memorial Day’s our time to shine, and we better make the most of it. Without further ado, grab a couple of tissues and be prepared to read some beauty that might just bring you to tears.

Memorial Day’s Top 10

1. Remember and honor those who gave their lives to protect this country.

Please don’t forget the meaning behind this wonderful holiday. Throughout our country’s history, millions of Americans have given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the safety of our nation. Whether members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp, Coast Guard, National Guard, or any other service branch, we cannot honor you enough for all you’ve done. Make sure to find your community’s Memorial Day service and provide all the respect and support they deserve.

2. Buy a cabin.

Coming out hot with this one. Nothing says Memorial Day Weekend in Minnesota like spending time at the place that makes literally everyone happy. Driving 4 hours up north, with at least 3 of those coming on 35W or 35E just north of Minneapolis between 3 and 6pm, becomes worth it as soon as you see that sun setting over the glassy water of your favorite lake. But in all honesty, I hope the 10K higher-ups see this and trade the house for a cabin. Something like this could probably work.

3. Find a boat by any means necessary.

Pontoon, wake boat, ski boat, jet ski, paddleboat, canoe, kayak, paddleboard, home-made raft, inner-tube, life jacket. It doesn’t really matter as long as you’re out on the water. This weekend’s the only time of the year it’s appropriate to fire out a ”your boat open” text to literally any acquaintance.

4. Grill out at least 5 different types of meat.

Steaks, brats, burgers, pork chops, shrimp, barbecue chicken, and anything else that will make Guy Fieri proud counts.

Yes, this man is a real famous person.

5. Make a REALLY early morning run to Target on Friday.

No, this Target trip’s not to get food, summer attire, or yard games. Oh no. This trip’s to scoop up as much ”Lake Life” decor as possible and stuff it down your guests’ throats at your cabin. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t feel like I’m up north unless every decoration tells me I am.

6. Try at least 3 new beers.

Find a local brewery, or a few, and try out a couple of new beers. Then buy way too many packs to bring home with a t-shirt to match. Eventually, you’ll get tired of it, start to develop a gut, and have to go back to your ole’ reliable domestic.

7. Go to a Twins Game.

Not everyone can get out of the city, but luckily that doesn’t matter. Our Twins host the Kansas City Royals through Sunday, and you can legit probably go to all 3 games for less than $100. Don’t forget this is the division-leading, 9 games above .500 Minnesota Twins we’re talking about. If you’re not really a baseball fan, I’d check this out instead…

8. Play a round of beer hockey.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about the Wild. Fortunately, hockey doesn’t die just because it’s summer. Beer hockey’s an electric drinking game full of one-timers, open nets, and rebounds. Heck, you can even play a full Stanley Cup Playoffs if you have enough people.

9. Have a bonfire.

Breathing in the fresh outside air as the smoke momentarily leaves you alone can’t be beat. Looking up at the stars, hanging with friends, and deleting a few s’mores makes it even better.

10. Live in the moment.

After you read this blog 10 times to get those views up and like every post we send out, put your phone away. Spend some time with the people who mean the most to you, and make some memories you’ll never forget.