Metro Golfing: Boulder Pointe Review

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Boulder Pointe has to be my favorite golf course in the metro area. People, I play a lot of golf. My fiancé shipped me to rehab in mid-June because I was so severely addicted to it. I’m basically the Hunter S. Thompson of recreational golfers. If you don’t understand that joke, here’s that guy’s daily routine.

Boulder Pointe Golf Course
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Now, switch all those illicit substances to the word “golf,” and you get me in a nutshell. Out of all the courses I’ve played in Minneapolis, TPC Boulder leads the pack. I rank it high for a number of reasons with none of them being that it’s super nice. Even more ironically, one of the first things I think of when referencing Boulder Pointe is “goose poop.” I’ve seen a number of approach shots get stopped dead in their tracks due to the stuff. However, I think it’s part of the charm. Because through all the poop, Boulder still shines bright.

Boulder Pointe Difficulty: 8.1

I haven’t seen many courses with more water, woods, long grass, wind, and houses than here. Every single hole has an easy way to get in trouble. Realistically, you could lose a ball per hole without hitting that many bad shots. Boulder Pointe makes up for the excess trouble with its distance. At only 6,284 yards from the tips, every par 5, except 18, is easily reachable in 2. Additionally, holes 3, 11, and 16 can be drivable par 4s as long as you don’t power slice it into next year. The key at Boulder is keeping as many balls in the bag as possible.

Boulder Pointe Golf Course
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Boulder Pointe Course Accessibility: 9.9

This factor alone makes Boulder Pointe a personal favorite. The worst part of golfing in the metro is finding a tee time. The second worst part is waiting 20 minutes every hole for the group of 4 to shank every shot in front of you. These problems rarely exist here. I once played the back with a buddy in less than an hour. We had a 6:45 tee time, took no practice swings, and couldn’t see the ball on 18, but it still happened. Even better, they often look the other way to groups of 5 late evenings when the course isn’t busy. They let the boys buzz. This would’ve been a 10.0, but a couple of leagues, tournaments, and Elko location make it hard for me to give it a perfect score.

Boulder Pointe Cost: 9.5

For 18 and a cart, the weekend rate is $55, the weekly rate is $45, and the twilight (after 4:00 pm) is only $39. It doesn’t get much better than that. Boulder Pointe is also a Public Country Club level 2 course that is free during the week and $25 on the weekends with a cart included. It’s possible to play the course and have some drinks, like their 4 for $10 Summer Shandy deal, without annihilating your bank account. 

Boulder Pointe Course Shape: 7.8

This won’t be the most beautiful course you ever play. There’s just a lot of dryness out there. Imagine a frozen chicken breast baked for 4 hours. I’m just kidding, nothing can be more dry than baked frozen chicken breasts fairways and greens get a little beaten up due to the thinner grass and dry spots. Fortunately, the design of the course with all its changes in elevation makes the holes very unique and cool. Also, a little thinner rough never hurt anybody.

Favorite Hole: #5, 490-yard par 5 from the tips.

This par 5 acts as an eagle possibility every single time. It’s also one of the few holes with a big fairway to land in. The only downsides are woods on the first half of the hole and water surrounding 1/2 of the green. The risk-reward ratio, like everything else we do, is really high. Either you’re losing a ball or getting a stroke back. 

Least Favorite Hole: #18, 569-yard dog leg left from the tips.

No good ways to play this hole exist. 9 times outta 10 you’re still looking at 350 plus left for your second shot. It’s a double-bogey nightmare. The worst part about the hole is all the houses aligning it. Their windows are basically paying you to hit them.

This is a great course to have an afternoon at. Call up a couple of friends, book some 4 pm tee times, and have some of the most fun you’ll ever have on a course. The lack of pressure, outstanding atmosphere, and great vibes make Boulder Pointe an easy one to become a regular at.