Mid Season Check In


It is almost February and your Minnesota Timberwolves are still in 1st place at 30-11, what a world. It is still hard to believe but it is clearly for real, so we need to get used to it. How did we get here and where do we go from here?

Win, win, win, that is all our Wolves do. I truthfully never thought I would say that but here we are. It is at the point where I am starting to expect wins, which is good and bad. I am letdown if we lose, which I’m not used to. It is really hard to complain about that though, I would take that 10/10 over being miserable. This leads us having expectations, which can end very badly. We can discuss that later, because how exactly did we get here?


This is the easy answer but there is a lot more to it than just Ant. The NBA is a star driven league, we know that. One guy can make a huge difference, so Ant getting even better has helped us take a leap for sure.

This man is turning into a superstar right in front of our eyes. That honestly has only happened once in this franchises existence. That was KG and it has a very similar feeling with Ant. The winning, vibe and energy is so similar, life has been brought back to Target Center. Every night is a party and Ant is the host.

The young man is clutch, a hard worker and brings life to his teammates. He is the exact definition of a superstar. He is a leader and the guy who want to lead you into battle each and every night. People were already taking notice but our national TV game put an even bigger spotlight on him. He did not disappoint and people took notice.

How can you not like Ant? I know he has done a few dumb things but he is young and I hope he has learned from it. Besides that though he is everything you want in a star, on the court and off. He has brought life and energy into a franchise that sorely needed it. More importantly he has brought winning back to Target Center. He has changed everything and I hope he spends his whole career here. We love you Ant.


The Wolves have the #1 ranked defense in the NBA. That right there is the reason we are the best in the West. With a 108.8 rating, we are a full 2.5 points ahead of the Boston Celtics. That is insane, this defense is why we are sitting where we are. They aren’t nearly as good on the road, which definitely needs to improve. At home though, they are a different beast. They do tend to start off suspect but for the most part when it matters, they lock down. The Grizzlies game was a great example of that. The recent Mavs and Celtics games weren’t great in that regard but it was more so on the offense.

This is their identity, if they want to have a shot at a ring they need to play at this level on the defensive end in the playoffs. Even with the offensive issues, if they can play at this level in the playoffs, they have a chance every night.

Rudy has been the anchor and easy answer to why we are the best in the league. Every one else has stepped up too. NAW has been lockdown, Jaden doing what he does, Ant taking on the challenge and even KAT and Naz being more locked in on that end. It is truly special what they are doing. They have all bought in and it is showing. If they just get the offense into the top half and clean up the dumb mistakes, I truly believe they can make a run.


This is a cliche answer but it is true. When D’Lo was here you could tell the chemistry wasn’t there. Even last year it wasn’t, we all remember Rudy and Slow Mo. Things have done a 180, now winning is a big reason why but you can tell the vibes are way better this year.

There are many more reasons why we are first in the West, whether it be Naz being a flamethrower, Kat finding his spot on the team with Ant at the helm or our Point god MC leading the group. Up and down the team, from the players to the coaches, there are things helping this team reach these heights. I could keep rambling but this is already so long. It has been beautiful so far Wolves fans, let’s hope it keeps up. I deep down think it will, regardless we have to enjoy every moment. HOWWWWWL Wolves Nation!

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