Mike Zimmer continues to play the odds.


When it comes to the history of the Minnesota Vikings, there is plenty that makes absolutely no sense. The disparity between Mike Zimmer’s coaching record in even years vs odd years is absolutely astonishing. Part of it almost seems like an anomaly in a sense, but given the sample size, there has to be more. If I could ask Mike what he has against even numbers, I would.

Hi, I’m Mike Zimmer and I have DirectTV.

Odd Year Mike Zimmer

DirectTV Mike Zimmer is a force to be reckoned with. Zimmer is (34-14) during the odd years. Those years also include all 3 of his playoff appearances, as well as both of his division titles. 2015 was interesting in the sense that Zimmer got to have his Top-5 defense out in the Minnesota cold, and they didn’t disappoint. We all know how that season ended out in the cold against Seattle, but that is neither here nor there. 2017 was FUN. Bradford and Cook gone. Season over… Or so we thought. After the 2-2 start the Vikings went 11-1, on their way to the #2 seed in the NFC, followed by the Minneapolis Miracle, followed by…. yeah, forget it.

Hi, I’m Mike Zimmer and I have cable.

Even Year Mike Zimmer

Cable Mike is (30-32-1) in even years. When Mike Zimmer took over in 2014 the Vikings defense was pop warner at best. His (7-9) record gets a little bit of a pass in 2014 because he legit took the 32nd ranked scoring defense (in 2013) and brought it up to 11th (in 2014) with basically the same players which is remarkable. 2016 really makes no sense. Starting 5-0 only to finish 8-8 isn’t a good look, regardless of circumstances. Zimmer even missed a game that season, so if you want to be THAT person you could call it a winning season for the Vikings. 2018 brought the fallout of the 2017 NFCCG blowout with Mike Zimmer tweaking his defense, and the Vikings panicking and bringing on an Eagles offensive coach to run the offense. FAIL. We don’t really need to get into 2020… the 29th ranked scoring defense is all the evidence we need.

Now OR Never.

What Is On The Line in 2021

This is it. After an off-season that saw the Vikings front office reload Mike Zimmer’s defense there can not and will not be excuses this year. Personally, I don’t think there ever should be excuses. It is a results-based business, and everyone has hurdles, challenges, and unexpected moments. One of the biggest issues for me throughout the Zimmer Era has been the inconsistency of building off successful seasons. Around the league you see teams fall short, but they are right back there competing the very next season. With the Vikings under Zimmer it is progress, followed by falling all the way back to mediocre. Without that consistency, I can’t take them seriously as a consistent contender. PROVE ME WRONG.