Min Woo Lee Should Be Your Favorite Golfer

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Min Woo Lee will be your favorite golfer (other than Tiger) by the end of the year. Here is why. He may have the most personality in the sport. Which admittedly, it isn’t a high bar considering the snoozefest that most PGA/LIV Tour guys are. I came up with examples and the first is his commitment video to the PGA Tour.

Min Woo also wins. He won on the Asian Tour in October and followed it up with a PGA Tour of Australasia win in November. While he is still searching for his first PGA Tour win, I have a feeling that will happen in 2024.

Hype Videos

My guy is a social media savant. I don’t know if he has a team of editors working behind the scenes or if Min Woo is firing up editing apps between rounds. Either way, the content is always ELECTRIC.

A J Cole/George W Bush Hype video? Imagine someone like boring Webb Simpson posting that. No chance.

My favorite hype video from this last season. Bagpipes into UK grime is straight fire.

Finally, the real reason I’m introducing you to Min Woo Lee, he is currently +6600 to win the Masters. I’m not suggesting you unload a mortgage payment on Min Woo but hypothetically if you did, the return would be bananas—just something to think about.