Minneapolis NEEDS a Bowl Game!!


Minnesota in December is hardly a desirable location to visit, BUT, in comparison to some other places that have bowls (Birmingham, Montgomery, Boise, etc.) I think Minnesota can do better. They’ve already hosted a Final Four at the Bank, so I think we can handle a bowl game… There are already too many bowl games, why not add another? I know Minnesota would do better than many of these sorry locations. Regardless of the destination, everyone knows the most important part of a bowl game is the name. Here’s my shot at some potential concepts.

Polaris Ice Bowl

Many think of the 1967 NFL Championship at Lambeau Field as the ‘Ice Bowl’. Well, I have news for you, that was almost 60 years ago and it’s time for a revamp. So, per usual, let’s take something from Wisconsin and make it Minnesotan (better).

Bullseye Bowl presented by Target

Target is the first company that comes to mind when I think of Minnesota. What better way to represent a bowl in Minnesota than to throw a bullseye on it.

Golden Bowl presented by Michelob Golden Light

It may be brewed in St. Louis, MO but there is nothing more Minnesotan than a Golden Light! The NCAA and Anheuser-Busch alike would probably push back on this sponsorship but we have to be true to ourselves. The concept of the ‘Golden Bowl’ also goes crazy. The trophy has no option but to be amazing. Screw a Gatorade bath, the winning head coach should (responsibly) do a beer bong!

Sun Country Bowl (Delayed)

While close to the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl, this bowl will be far from the experience of that bowl down in El Paso. These teams might not even see the sun while in Minneapolis! The bowl would likely be scheduled for December 26th but would be delayed until December 27th. This game could also provide a unique ticketing experience. Fans can pay a flat rate for a ticket and for an additional $35 they can choose their seat in the stadium. The NCAA likes to talk about putting the student in student athlete. Well, what a way to prepare their student athletes for the real world than to have Sun Country charter flights for teams playing in this bowl. Maybe throw a curveball and schedule a layover anyway on the chartered flight. The goal of this bowl experience would be to prepare seniors for life in the real world.

Honorable Mention

General Mills is another Fortune 500 company in Minnesota that has a suite of brands to sponsor a bowl game. They notably did an NIL deal with Gushers and Gophers RB Mo Ibrahim during the 2022 season. We all know the iconic cereal brands like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios and Lucky Charms. General Mills also houses brands like Green Giant, Totino’s and Yoplait. I have to say, the Jolly Green Giant would make for a bad ass bowl mascot!