Minnesota and the Playoffs, here we go again…


Well Minnesota… here we go again.

We have a team that has clinched a playoff berth and looks to produce and maybe make it further than just the first round. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ve had the Wild make it to the first round many years and they get ousted, the Twins haven’t won a playoff game since 2002, and they’ve won the division 7 times since. The Wolves have only made the playoffs once since ’04.

Is soccer in Minnesota going to make it farther than just the first round? Who knows just do not get your hopes up, because it will probably end in disappointment…

Now let us focus on Minnesota United – are they a high caliber team? I do not think so, but I could be wrong. The Loons have many outstanding players that have produced this season. For example, Midfielder Kevin Molino who has had 2 GWG (Game winning goals, 7 goals in general) & Keeper Dayne St. Clair who has had 45 saves through 12 games, including 5 shutouts.

With players like this and a higher caliber team that has played and beat some good teams, I believe we have shot. But let’s give it time and see if this Minnesota team can bring us some new excitement.

We all know that Minnesota Sports have really been a pile of sh*t, but maybe the Loons can prove us wrong and be a real contender in the 2020 MLS playoffs.