Minnesota Appears on the Initial College Football Playoff Rankings!

Minnesota Appears on the Initial College Football Playoff Rankings!

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The initial college football playoff rankings are finally here, and Minnesota got some big-time credit. No, they aren’t technically ranked as a top-25 team in the nation.

Initial college football playoff rankings field presented by the official CFP website
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But, if we’re worried about technicalities, we aren’t true football people. Football people care about two things: wins and grit. As a result, when your program is listed as a KEY WIN for a TOP THREE team in the country, that’s the type of grit that gets our juices flowin’. There’s literally only 5 other teams that can even say that, so stop arguing it. Possessing proof the committee finds some kind of value in the Gophers is a good spot to be.

Initial College Football Playoff Rankings Strength of Schedule

What does their inclusion on the initial college football playoff rankings mean for the Gophs?

I know “value” is a relative term even though I used it above. For example, both the 4 for $4 deal at Wendy’s as well as Patrick Mahomes’ 10 year/$400 million extension could be viewed as “values” depending on the person and situation. Also, to be fully transparent, the Gophers being talked about doesn’t mean a whole lot. However, the mention brings some bright spots to light on Minnesota’s season.

Those bright spots:

First, whether they like it or not, Minnesota’s heavily on the committee’s radar. For the last 48 hours, the committee decided where to balance Ohio State, Georgia, and Michigan in that top three. And as bad as it sounds, the Gophers are Michigan’s best win so far. They’re the only team to score double digits, and the committee had to come back to that over and over again. Regardless of that game’s outcome, Minnesota built a first impression as a signature win.

Second, the Gophers are currently tied for first in the Big10 West at 3-2. Two of those three wins came against other teams tied at the top. The last team they’re tied with?…Wisconsin. We all know they’ll get their shot at the Badgers to end the regular season. If Minnesota can take care of business and win three of four to end the season, with the loss being Ohio State, they’ll be in position to potentially play for a Big10 Championship.

Lastly, I’m guessing the results of a Big10 Championship against the winner of Ohio State/Michigan won’t be pretty. However, their final record at the end of the season would be 8-5. Three of those losses would be against top-3 teams in the nation. Unfortunately, that doesn’t get them in the college football playoff, however, it might get them into a pretty cool bowl game. Plus bowl season is the only thing that matters when everyone’s a degenerate gambler anyway.

Future chances to be in the initial college football playoff rankings?

Now that we have a recap on the Gopher’s season, it’s time to get fired up about what’s left. Minnesota has a real chance to make some noise and build on that first impression they created with the committee. Hey, you never know, but maybe when this time rolls around next year, they might just be in the initial college football playoff rankings for real. Remember, there will be 12 teams in that bad boy next year.