Minnesota Has 10 Days To Legalize Sports Betting


Here we are once again. Down to the end of the Minnesota state legislature session and what’s the biggest topic that has yet to be discussed? Some things are more important to people than others. But let’s be honest…it’s sports betting. The world is so silly right now that do the other issues really matter? We all really need to rally around this issue because Minnesota has 10 days to legalize sports betting.

What Needs To Happen?

So here’s the deal. Basically, we got until May 22nd to pass this bitch. To legalize sports betting in Minnesota.

The sports betting bill has made it through pretty much all committees and other garbage it has to do before it can go to the floor to be voted on. I have no idea how and when they decide to vote on things over there. There’s also a chance that they don’t vote on it at all. Which would suck. Wouldn’t even give me the chance to be pissed about it. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that they at least vote on it.

Why Do They Keep Doing This To Us?

To be honest…I’m not quite fucking sure anymore.

Is it too much to ask to be able to throw a little cash on Twins/Cubs NRFI when headed to the game with your buds? I don’t think so. But some people in St. Paul tend to disagree. No doubt there are some more important issues at hand (maybe, not really though, but probably). But it always seems like sports betting gets pushed to the side. Which is silly since 33 other states have seemed to figure it out. I don’t know, call down to Iowa and see how they did it. I realize they don’t have shit going on but they do have that going for them.

Once again, we have lost sight of the actual issue at hand (hitting plum plays) and have politicized it to the point of no parlays. We understand that everyone has to have their dicks in the pot. The state wants its cut. The tribes want their cut. The race tracks want their cut. I want a cut of this shit. But as the people who want this and will pay for it all…JUST PASS THE FUCKING THING.