Minnesota High School Football Rankings: Top 10 Seniors To Watch Heading Into The 2023 Season

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Not only is it Week 1 for College football, but it’s also Week 1 for the Minnesota High School Football Season. If you’re reading this thinking I’m some guru nerd who knows everything about the high school football scene, you’re far from right. But I’m not an idiot. I’ve watched minimal film on each player, but have the eye of a tiger when it comes to seeing pure-level HS talent: My official rankings for the Minnesota Football class of 2024.

Minnesota high school football: Minnesota Football Rankings

10. Mason Carrier: Detroit Lakes OLB (Gopher Commit)

To start our list we have Gopher commit (get used to me saying this) Mason Carrier. The 3-star Gopher Commit will look to have another impressive year before putting on the Maroon and Gold next year.

Mason Carrier Junior Year HUDL

9. Simon Seidl: Athlete, Hill Murray (Gophers Commit)

Simon Seidl is different from everyone else on my Minnesota football rankings because he doesn’t have a set position. In his highlights from last year, he excelled as a WR and CB, with CB being my highly uneducated guess on where he will play when he heads to the next level. The Gophers have a player who could be the biggest sleeper from this MN HS 2024 class.


Author Note: (HUDL Won’t work, must check out his highlights)

8. Mo Saine: Prior Lake DL (Gophers Commit)

Guess what? Coming in @ #8 is yet ANOTHER 3-Star Gopher commit. Mo Saine is a 260-pound defensive lineman, who finds himself ranked #75 on the linemen national rankings. Haven’t even mentioned he’s 6 feet 5 inches, the perfect build for BIG 10 Football. QB’s beware Mo Saine is coming!

Mo Saine 2022 Highlights

7. Jalen Smith: Mankato West WR (Gophers Commit)

Finally a player on the offensive side. Jalen Smith is another 3-star recruit putting on the Maroon and Gold next year. In 12 games, he put up 48 receptions & 729 Yards to go along with 8 TDs. The WR is looking to ride the momentum from last year, into a strong senior season. For the record, ESPN’s rankings have him at #4. The kid is elusive with great hands. Don’t be surprised when you hear his name numerous times every Saturday for years to come.

Jalen Smith 2022 Highlights

6. Max Mogelson: Henry Sibley, DT (UNLV Commit)

Coming in at #6 is the first non-Gophers commit with Max Mogelson. Mogelson committed to UNLV this past summer after a highly impressive Junior Year. Mogelson also plays TE and received a full-ride scholarship from UNLV. Along with being a star football player, Mogelson also is an all-conference basketball and baseball player. Assuming he still plays all three, watch out for him no matter the sport.


5. Jide Abasiri: Prior Lake, DT (Gophers Commit)

Although some recruiting sites have him below fellow DT Max Mogelson, I have him just slightly ahead by the tiniest of margins. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes higher on this list come the end of the year. Just watch his highlights. He’s an absolute nightmare for any offense to game-plan for.

JR YR Highlights

4. Wyatt Gilmore: Rogers EDGE(Oklahoma Commit)

Heading towards the power part of the list. The first 4-star on the list is also our second non-Gopher commit. The good news is that they will both be out of the Gopher’s way in the Big 10. Before committing to Oklahoma he also had many other big offers from schools including Miami & Oregon. Ultimately he decided to head to Boomer Sooner Land where he will try to contain those high-powered offenses. Watch out for Rogers and Wyatt Gilmore this season.

Forgot To Mention He Can Also Play TE


3. Emerson Mandell: Irondale HS OG (Badger Commit)

AROOOGAH! Wisconsin landed our 4-star OG Emerson Mandell……. And he’s an absolute BEAST! 6’5, 300 pounds, but is moving like a bulldozer out there. It’s not hard to tell why he is ranked so high on the interior lineman national rankings.


I’m sorry to all those defensive players who play against Irondale this year. If you look up and see him in front of you maybe just fall down and cramp up? You’re going to be on the ground in 10 seconds anyway.

https://www.hudl.com/profile/16524049/Emerson-Mandell (please also check out the 2nd clip in this HUDL)

2. Khijohnn Cummings-Coleman: Coon Rapids WR (Uncommitted)

Yeah, shocking to some but not to me this is someone EVERYONE needs to keep an eye on this season. Khijohnn is an explosive WR who put up MONSTER numbers as a JR for Coon Rapids to fly onto college radars.

How good to be exact? 57 Receptions, 962 Yards, AND 11 TDs…. then also rushed for 188 yards on only 14 carries and also added two TDS. I might suck at math but 1150 combined yards, and 13 TDS in only 9 games is good, right?

His stats make so much more sense after watching a play like that. His HUDL highlights are a must-watch, 10 minutes of straight highlights. My biggest takeaway was how he’s exactly like Tyreek Hill. Throw him a screen, 10 yards at least. Hand him off the ball, 10 yards at least. Close your eyes and throw the ball to the heavens. Don’t worry Tyreek Khijohnn will find a way to catch it over a defender while also someway somehow getting a fucking foot in bounds. Just like we all watch Tyreek do multiple times every Sunday, he turns plays that should be 0 yards into 20 yards, and it’s play, after play, after play. Double-team him good luck! He’ll deke, run, jump, spin around you. The only way to stop him sometimes is when he’s celebrating in the end-zone, nowhere else for him to go after that.

Don’t be surprised if you hear his name a ton this season. Also, don’t be surprised when he’s this high on everyone’s list come the end of the year. Add another star to this kid’s name, before I do it myself.



2022 Explosive Plays HUDL


1. Koi Perich: ESKO Safety (Gophers Commit)

OH BABY!!!!! PJ Fleck and his recruiting staff did everything they could to keep this talent home and boy did they ever. He’s not only the #1 recruit in Minnesota, he was just recently ranked #5 by 24/7 Sports for being “the freakiest athlete of the 2024 class”.

This Is Why.

What the fuck. He would die if he fell head-first from where he jumped

Not impressive enough for you? He also ran the 100-meter dash this past spring in 10.89 seconds… not to mention it was 40 degrees. Thank god PJ kept this kid home, he was born to play safety every Saturday for the Gophers. If you have a chance to watch him play this year please do, the #1 recruit is going to be a name to remember for years to come.

PJ needs to give the Gophers basketball some tips on how to keep the top talent HOME! Just look at the Minnesota Football Rankings, so many top players within the state staying home. LOVE to see it.

Closing Statements

Remember, I really don’t know jack shit when it comes to HS Football, but I watched the film and remember I have the eye of the tiger when it comes to ranking and spotting talent. From the look of things, the Gophers have a bright future along with everyone in this 2024 football class.

Best of luck to all the teams competing this year!

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