Minnesota Spanks the Crap Out of Dallas

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It wasn’t even close. From start to finish it wasn’t even close. Friends, our Minnesota Wild beat, nay, SPANKED, the absolute crap out of the Dallas Stars 5-1.

What a beautiful night to be a Wild fan. Xcel Energy Center was rowdy, the team looked like they did game one and they did what they had to do. Plus, the staff made the RIGHT decision putting Gus Bus back in net which led to only one goal against them. Amazing.

How did we treat Ryan Suter??

We booed him. We booed him HARD and it was well deserved. A player that spent years in the State of Hockey has turned into public enemy number one and it’s a beautiful sight. The guy is, excuse my French, a dick and he deserved every boo when he’d touch the puck. Seriously, the guy needs to retire and consider moving to Europe.

Team effort or a one-man show? Yeah, team effort.

Name me one player that didn’t play out of their fricken mind tonight. I’ll wait.

Every player from each line played the game they needed to to get the job done. And may I remind you that that job ended with a score of 5-1. Oofta. Honestly, it’s gotta be tough being a Dallas fan right now. Look, we understand their IQ is as high as a packed mule but I’d love to see how they’re reacting after tonight’s game. Plus, remember that one-time DeBore said the Wild were one of the top teams in the league that took the most penalties? Yeah, well, karma’s a bit#$.

My 3 stars of the game

Marcus Foligno

The guy played out of his mind AND successfully got in the head of the entire Stars lineup. Plus, he added a goal to the scoresheet. Absolutely unreal effort by one of our leaders.

Mats Zuccarello

FINALLY, he breaks through for us when we need him most. A player with a hell of a history in the playoffs came through when we needed him. Notching two goals against a red-hot Otter, so close to the hat-trick, amazing. Love to see it and definitely deserves a star.

Filip Gustavsson

Why he didn’t play last game? It’s in the past, who cares, it’s done. The guy played tonight and played as expected. Did any of us Wild fans expect this type of play during the season and most importantly in the playoffs so far? I certainly didn’t but here we are and we are LOVING IT!

We’re happy and we’re excited for the Sunday sweep

What a night. There’s not much more to say than that. As mentioned earlier, we had not just a few players but the entire lineup play like they wanted to bring home the cup tonight. As heartbreaking as it was seeing Ekker depart after 19 seconds into his first shift in several weeks, we won. We won for him, we won for Shaw (who did the most incredible Let’s Play Hockey in Wild history) and most importantly we won for THE State of Hockey.

Friends, we’re up 2-1 against a team that’s been on our ass all season. Can we extend that to 3-1 on Sunday?