Minnesota Sports Christmas Wish List

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It’s finally Christmas week. For most people my age it’s not a big thing. But in my house the tree goes up November 1st and it’s two months of non-stop Christmas activities. As much as my wife and I like to say its for the kids, we too like to reminisce about childhood and join in on the fun. No Christmas activity brings as much joy to a child’s heart as making a Christmas present list does. So I have decided to make one as an adult. I could wish for things like the pandemic to end, to end world hunger and things like that, but they are unrealistic and I am selfish. So without further adieu, my Minnesota Sports Christmas Wish list.

Minnesota Vikings: Offensive Innovation

The people who call for trick plays and offensive innovation typically fall into two categories, a drunk uncle who hates 2 yards per gain, and the kids who grew up playing Madden. I, thankfully, fall into the latter. Whether it’s 4 Verts, the HB Wheel, or a HB Slip Screen, just run plays that are successful and get you a bunch of yards. The Vikings may run one of the most boring offenses in the league and it makes me sick. They have so many weapons to choose from and they can’t figure out how to get them open. Also, go for it on 4th down more. I know it’s easy to coach from the couch, but stop coaching to lose and start coaching to win. If you need any tips check out the video below on the coach who never punts. (another tactic learned while playing Madden)

Minnesota Wild: A true #1 Center

I may as well wish for world peace because getting that is more likely. Other than a true franchise QB, a #1 center, that drives the offense, plays against the opposing #1 line, and produces more than a point per game is the most rare thing in sports. There are two ways to get a #1 center. Either win the draft lottery and move up in the draft or you trade a significant amount of young assets to a team that has an established #1 guy. As we saw with the Jack Eichel trade, even if a #1 center is facing a never before attempted surgery (for a current NHLer) the price is still significant. I have always been a fan of the strategy to have one horrendous season in order to draft a future superstar like potential 2022 1st pick overall, Shane Wright.


Minnesota Timberwolves: A Long Stretch of Games With Everyone Healthy

This is the one. The most realistic wish I have for a local squad. All the pieces are there, they just need to stay healthy. Whether it’s COVID, or ankle injuries, or KAT and his hand, it seemingly never ends and the team can’t build any chemistry. They are currently .500, if they can get healthy I truly believe that they can make a run in the playoffs. If they avoid the Suns or Warriors in the first round, I like our chances to make some noise. I don’t remember the last time I woke up excited to watch a T-Wolves game but this roster seems different.

I decided to do some research on D’Angelo Russell and his injuries and it is a downer. Check it out:

11/01/2021Right Ankle
02/06/2021Right Quad

The guy just can’t catch a break. If he stays healthy, along with KAT and ANT, we have a team that can make some noise.

Minnesota Twins: Spend some MONEY

People forget that the Twins ownership group is worth nearly $4 BILLION. They are Top 10 among all MLB owners in net worth yet they can’t seem to find enough dimes in the couch cushions to get a #1 starting pitcher. I want to hate the team but summer nights spent at Target Field are the only reason I spend my winters here. There is nothing better than a day that starts out with T-Shirt weather and by the time the 7th inning stretch comes around you need a light jacket or pullover. Those days get me from 6 to midnight. The only issue is the team on the field. I know the team makes a profit, brats are like $10 and a large cup of ice with 6 ounces of soda is like $12. Just spend a little on the team and no one will complain about the prices.

I wish I could photoshop $$ on his eyes.

Minnesota Lynx: Nothing. You have 3 decades of goodwill in the state.

Do I wish Maya Moore kept playing basketball and won a few more championships with the Lynx? Absolutely. Will i get angry at her for devoting her life to free wrongly imprisoned people? Hell no. This team has built up decades of goodwill and they are still relevant in the WNBA. Also, badass coach Cheryl Reeve has earned and deserves a chance to coach in the NBA.

Gopher Men’s Hockey: Consistency

What good is it to have a roster littered with future NHLers if you can’t win on Fridays or Saturdays? This iteration of the Pride on Ice is so frustrating. They will come out on a Friday night and beat you 7-1, then turn around and get smoked on Saturday. Is it a lack of leadership? It certainly shouldn’t be because the roster has plenty of upper classmen who have played in big games before like Sammy Walker, Ben Meyers and personal favorite Blake McLaughlin. Let’s hope this squad can put it all together and make some noise come March.

Gopher Men’s Basketball: Just have fun

The only thing that comes to mind when I think of the 2021-22 Gopher Men’s basketball team is Thomas the Train. No one expected much from this squad but out of nowhere they are 9-1 and playing some good basketball. I know the team will be entirely different next year since the current squad is made up of grad transfers but lets just have some fun this winter. Also, a packed Williams Arena is electric.