Minnesota, The Sky Is Falling

Football Vikings

Well, this Minnesota Vikings season is turning into quite a clusterfuck. After Sunday’s 20-16 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, many experts and fans are ready to turn in for the season. An inept offense to go along with a struggling defense isn’t cutting it. When you lose to a backup QB at home in primetime, shit really hits the fan and quick.

Billy boy is on the spot with this one.
same, Stephen A.

No Really, The Sky IS Falling

Coming off an abysmal game like that, you think things couldn’t get worse right? Wrong. During the 2nd quarter on Sunday, Danielle Hunter hurt his shoulder. We later found out that he has a torn pec muscle and will miss the rest of the season. Big oof for a guy that had a neck injury that kept him out all of 2020, just to get injured again is devastating. He’s our only hope!

The injury report offered up the same type of news, in the form of Garrett Bradbury getting COVID-19 putting him out this week. If we’re being honest, he’s been pretty ass during his tenure in Minnesota. So maybe it’s a blessing in disguise? Just trying to find a positive from all this. Y’know, besides Bradbury’s COVID test results. Heyyooooo!

All in all, the Vikings are still in the way-too-early playoff picture. With the NFC being super top-heavy and everyone else sucking hard, the road to get in with the extra spot is easier. This week on tap is the Baltimore Ravens, who are coming off a bye and a bad loss at home to the Bengals. Minnesota’s defense has been slightly better against the run, but they’ve never seen anything like Lamar Jackson. Here’s to hoping they have a plan for him.

i remember seeing this on Vine and thinking, “wow, that guy is good!”

This would be the perfect recipe for a 41-13 type ass whooping, but my gut tells me otherwise. Every time you expect one thing from the Vikings, you get another. Applying that logic means that we will win by a touchdown. Take into account that the Ravens have the worst passing defense, and we might be looking at a classic bounce back game for the offense. Yes people, I still have faith. I shouldn’t but I do. Skol Vikes. In the meantime, to my fellow 10K writers: stop writing about Kirk Cousins. Every time we do, something bad happens.