Minnesota Twins Lose. Fans Win…Sorta.

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Your Minnesota Twins have lost again! Losing to a comeback effort from the Seattle Mariners 4-3 on Monday night. While the Twins continue to free fall as there’s likely no comeback for them, with an abysmal 26-40 record, there may be a silver lining for Twins fans.

Twins Fans’ New Slogan

Losing sucks. No one truly enjoys it. It’s why Papa John’s has a special “Twins Win, You Win” promotion anytime the team wins. A winning team clearly drives fan interest in more ways than one.

Although this season hasn’t gone as planned, there is still a saying we could be using instead of what Papa John’s throws around about their shitty pizza.

Twins Lose. Fans Win.

Think back to the mid-2010s at Target Field. Wide-open concourses. No lines for overpriced beer or food. Even being able to move to nicer seats after buying nosebleeds for a stupidly low price. Sure, the baseball wasn’t the best. But getting to see other team’s superstars for cheap while also making memories with shitty Twins players is priceless. It also provides the perfect atmosphere for beer snakes!

Embrace the Mediocrity

As much as I would love to be writing about Minnesota Twins winning, losing has been somewhat fun this year. From it being open season on Rocco’s bald head to being forced to watch Triple-A players play in both Minneapolis and St. Paul any given night. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Instead of bitching and moaning about how Rocco has continued to mismanage the pitching staff or how no one can stay healthy, let’s focus on getting ticket prices as low as possible! I want to be able to buy season tickets next year for next to nothing! Do I maybe have an ulterior motive for wanting these losses because the team wants me to buy a season plan right now? Maybe. That’s beside the point.

Let’s just sit back, watch mediocrity reign, and be able to watch cheap Twins baseball! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯