Minnesota Twins Offseason Primer

MLB Twins

As usual the MLB offseason is off to a cold start. Only a few big names are off the board in free agency and lower contracts seem to be the norm. Teams lost millions due to no fans in the stands and no one giving them $10 bills for a beer. With plenty of high-quality players left on the board, the main question is when will the big domino fall?

I’m guessing the Twins, per usual, will not be in on any big names. As much as I’d like to see Trevor Bauer yelling motherfucker and throwing the ball into center field as a Twin, it most likely won’t happen. All that being said the Twins do have some work to do and holes to fill. Here are some players I could see wearing a Twins uniform come Opening Day.

Enrique (Kike) Hernandez

Kike would be Eduardo Escobar Jr on this roster. He’s a spark plug on the bench and can get his bat hot enough to steal some playing time from regulars as well. He brings good versatility in the field just like Marwin Gonzalez, but Hernandez isn’t a cheater. The big hurdle will be to lure him away from his long time home, the Dodgers.

Tyler Clippard

I had Trevor May slotted in for a return but that dream is dead. At least this year he can enjoy his Fortnite after a terrible Mets loss. Clip is a soft tosser, but he was effective. We all know the Twins love to save a penny, why not bring back an old friend? Bonus: he can mentor our bullpen core that will become much younger this year.

Marcell Ozuna

With Eddie Rosario possibly being non tendered and Nelson Cruz planning to wait out the market, this is a no brainer for me. Marcell can be that DH bat or play the outfield. The Twins have a young outfield core of prospects and can rotate everyone around the beginning of the year until the proper lineup is created.

Cons: Ozuna will not come cheaply.

Pros: who doesn’t love a bright green compression sleeve?

Mike Fiers / Jake Odorizzi

With the pitching market being subpar and Bauer not in our price range, these two make the most sense. My only hope is that Odo will come back cheap to prove he can stay healthy. Fiers should come cheap but full of veteran leadership. Hopefully he doesn’t bring his awful facial hair with.

There are some guesses at what the Twins might do this offseason. Don’t be too surprised when they don’t do anything I said. Lets just hope they spend some fucking money and spend it in the right places. If you have any guesses let me know in the comments.