Minnesota Twins Win Big!!


The Minnesota Twins just earned a MAJOR franchise win. Maybe their biggest win since their last world series title. As you may have guessed by their record this year, this win did not come on the field. If you’ve peeked at their 7th-9th inning stats, that’s no surprise either. Woof.

As reported by many major news outlets last week, the coveted URL of “Twins.com” is finally owned by the Major League Baseball franchise. Who owned the coveted URL before the Twins? These guys.

The Twins: Durland & Darvin Miller (Photo: AwfulAnnouncing.com)

Hats off to Durland and Darvin Miller. Not only are those names absolutely phenomenal, but their foresight is nothing short of genius. At the very beginning of the internet boom, these two nabbed up the URL before the MLB was even thinking about it. You were probably as shocked to hear that Baseball, of all sports, was the one to have such a big miss. It is, after all, the sport known for being on the cutting edge of everything technological.

Somebody else ALWAYS snipes my name as a username for online platforms as soon as they are released. I’ll check, and without fail, it’s gone before I can even sign up for anything. So, as somebody who has CONSTANTLY had to have numbers and other characters because of this, I hate these guys. With that being said, you absolutely HAVE to respect the hustle. You might ask, but why would anyone do that? Because they’re “The Twins”, obviously.

MLB: Major Legal Battles

After decades of arguing back and forth, the Miller twins and the Minnesota Twins finally settled on a sales agreement. This just goes to show you that two minutes of brilliance and a lifetime of stubbornness does pay off. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

While nobody can deny that this was an absolute debacle, the Twins were not the only MLB franchise to have the problem. The league just purchased Rangers.com in 2015 for the cool price of $375,000. Giants dot com is already owned by the NFL team, and Rays dot com is actually owned by a seafood restaurant in Seattle.

While it’s easy to take shots at the MLB and how inept they have been this century, they’re not alone. When the Washington Football Team was still looking for a new surname and logo, they found themselves behind the 8-ball. Martin McCaulay actually went through the process to trademark a ton of names that would have been a lot more fun than the “Commanders” that was finally landed on. While it’s surprising that an NFL team was also met with this conundrum, nobody was surprised to hear it was Washington. They couldn’t even get their new uniforms right.