Minnesota Will Celebrate A Championship This Year

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The state of Minnesota will line the streets of Minneapolis/St. Paul and we will celebrate a title this year! The team to brings home a championship is still unknown, but I have a few hunches.

The Vikings

I wish it was the Vikings but I just don’t see it. While this season has had so many championship DVD moments, I see the fairytale ending this weekend. A Super Bowl win would no doubt be bigger than any other Championship but this seems like the toughest to win. I just hope that Vikings fans can look back at the 2022 season and still be happy with the adventure it took us on.

The Twins

Hahahahahahahaha. While the team did just resign Carlos Correa and has a few other nice pieces this team is far from contending. If the Pohlads own the Twins, they will never win a title. Simple as that. Least favorite squad gets the least amount of blog time.

The Timberwolves

Not as far-fetched as you may believe. I have never seen the NBA standings show as much parity as they currently show. The Timberwolves are the 10 seed but only 7 games from the 1 seed. It seems as though any player in the league can drop 40+ points on any given night. Anthony Edwards is special. Rudy Gobert has had 3 decent games in a row. Maybe things are finally turning around for the 22-23 Wolves.

The Wild

Earlier in this blog I stated that the Super Bowl trophy was the hardest to win but that may actually be the Stanley Cup. Almost every series in the playoffs goes 6 or 7 games and the extra wear and tear adds up. Now since the Wild haven’t been past round 2 since 02-03 that should effect them. This Wild team has all the makings of a squad that can get hot enough at the right time to make a run. One thing standing in their way is pending UFAs. Do the Wild keep Dumba to make a run at the Cup and lose him for free in the off-season? Or do they trade him to one of the teams who seem to be interested in him now?

Gopher Hockey

I didn’t separate this paragraph into 2 different sections for a reason. I think both Gopher hockey teams will bring home a title this year.

The Men’s team is finally playing again after a long break from the World Juniors . At that tournament Gopher freshman phenom Logan Cooley had a wonderful showing and Jimmy Snuggerud played exceptionally well. Those 2 are now back at Mariucci and rejoin linemate Matthew Knies in their quest to bring a Natty back to DinkyTown. The only real question with this squad is the Goalie. It will be interesting to see how well he plays coming back from break.

The Women are always a threat to win it all. That is just the type of program Brad Frost has built. They recruit the best players and couple that with top tier facilities and coaches to challenge for a title every year. Reigning Patty Kaz winner Taylor Heise is the best player I have seen at Ridder since Amanda Kessel. She is more dominant on the puck than any other player in the NCAA. This team is full of Olympians from the USA, Sweden and Finland. They are currently 16-3-2 and a lot of fun to watch. Tickets are cheap and the atmosphere is “bananas” according to my 6 year old daughter.