MLB The Show is Coming to Xbox in April

Baseball MLB Twins

With the MLB starting Spring Training later this month (knock on wood), it is time to dust off your latest copy of MLB The Show! However, this year is different. Since its inception, San Diego Studios’ baseball series has been a Playstation exclusive. Leaving out a vast majority of gamers and baseball fans, alike. This year, they will be able to play one of the best all-around sport video game series on their Xbox.

While it has been a process for San Diego Studios to get Sony to allow for a more inclusive market, it is finally happening. Years after my cousin and I missed out on opportunities to play the game with each other on the regular.

Thankfully, the announcement of The Show 21 coming to Xbox has come with a few additional surprises.

Play Ball!

One of the burning questions fans had when this was announced was, “Will I be able to play against friends with a different console?”.

To that, both Microsoft and Sony, Xbox and Playstation’s parent companies, say the game will include cross-platform compatibility. Something that will likely make this game one of the best selling games of all-time. Allowing players to battle it out on the diamond regardless of what system you play on is a brilliant move. Microsoft also mentioned the ability for cross-platform progression. This means playing online against someone with a different console will still level your profile up!

MLB The Show 21 may be the Minnesota Twins best shot at a championship.

Whether you prefer to play offline in Road to the Show (career) or Franchise or online with Diamond Dynasty, there is a mode for every level and style of player. Throw in the cross-platform compatibility and this is shaping up to be one helluva game.

Buy The Hype

Although the addition of Xbox to The Show family, there still will not be cross-compatible Road to the Show or Franchise modes. But that should be in the works for future installments. Even with this edition lacking that amazing feature, this is still a game to buy into the hype. Especially if you are an Xbox owner and haven’t had a baseball game to play since 2K13.

From bat flips to getting to workout with your created player, MLB The Show provides one of the most immersive worlds to dive into of any sport video game ever.

If that’s not enough for you, San Diego Padre legend, Fernando Tatis, Jr., graces this year’s cover. The willingness of San Diego Studios to not shy away from making Major League Baseball more fun is inspiring. Tatis on the cover is just the icing on the cake.

So grab your bag of seeds and your glove, because it is time to catch the best baseball video game in history.