Mo Ibrahim Fucks… Hard


The Minnesota Gopher football program has a very special running back this year. That guy would be Mo Ibrahim, the dude is best described as an agile bowling ball.

Seriously you might want to sit down before you hear this stat line. Through only 3 games Ibrahim has dominated with 571 yards and 10 TD’s. Ibrahim is only 33 yards away from passing his rushing total in all of last season, mind you again this is only 3 games.

If you are a diehard fan of 10K Takes (if you’re not you should be, we are pretty fucking cool) then you would know that yours truly wrote a blog highlighting the best running backs to play for the Gophers. I bring this up because in this blog I had mentioned that I hope we can add Ibrahim to this list in the future. But I really wasn’t expecting to have to do it after only 3 games. Let’s take a look at Ibrahim’s performances this year, and see why he is being added to such a list.

Week 1 Vs Michigan

Ibrahim hit the ground running against the Wolverines, posting 140 yards and 2 TD’s on 26 attempts. Ibrahim was the only bright spot for the Gophers in that game, but little did Gopher fans know, Ibrahim was just getting started.

Week 2 Vs Maryland

This is the week where if you didn’t know who Ibrahim was well now you do. This man had probably the best first half I have ever seen a running back have, scoring 4 TD’s. Ibrahim finished the game with 207 yards and 4 TD’s. Look at these highlights and you will see that Ibrahim kicked Maryland’s ass and did not give a fuck what their names were.

Week 3 Vs Illinois

Ibrahim continued his dominance against a piss poor Lovie Smith led Illinois team. Ibrahim had 224 yards and once again found himself in the end zone 4 times! The Big Ten finally gave some recognition to the redshirt junior running back naming him Big Ten offensive player of the week.

There is no denying that Mo Ibrahim fucks hard and if this team has any chance of salvaging this season they are going to have to rely on him heavily. Ibrahim will look to keep things rolling on Friday night as the Gophers battle the Iowa Hawkeyes for the Floyd of Rosedale trophy.

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