Monday After the Super Bowl Should Be a National Holiday

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Everyone’s thinking it, so I’m going to say it. I believe that the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a National Holiday. Fuck it, let’s make it an International Holiday. People around the world love the NFL, look at the London turnout.

People SHOULD NOT have to work the day after the Super Bowl. There’s already enough Monday’s we get off in Jan/Feb, so why not throw another one in the mix?

Is my team ever in it? Rarely. But there are PLENTY of reasons to back up my reasoning here:

I’m Gonna Drink A Lot. SO SO Much.

I’m going to drink on a Sunday because of Sports. It falls under the “Sunday Funday” bit. Under normal circumstances, this is a day to gather with your friends and family, crack a couple of cold ones, and watch the Black Eyed Peas prove to the entire world that autotune helps.

Like the Masters, the Super Bowl is a tradition unlike any other, which means the amount of consumed alcohol is naturally higher. On top of the existing weekend bender, I need a day to refresh the hardest working brain in America (mine).

I need some space before entering the “Football Abyss”

We all know how dark and lonely this void is. Until the XFL comes back in 2022 (fucking pumped for that), we won’t see any football until late August when both the NCAA and Preseason NFL return to us. (editor’s note: this is untrue. We will get spring football this year thanks to the FBS) By the way, has anyone ever gambled on pre-season football? Seems like something I would succeed at. (editor’s note: As bad as Bossman is at regular gambling, maybe the unpredictability of preseason football would help him win)

Anyways, this time of the year sucks until March Madness. I need a day to accept and transition into the fact that I have to go many fortnights without my favorite sport to watch.

For the Winning Team to Celebrate or Cope (Because I Care)

For fans/players of the two teams who play in the game, the result is either the greatest thing in the world or the most heart-wrenching pain (4 years in a row for you Bills fans). Let these fans either celebrate or cope with the result of the game.

Now because National Holidays aren’t specific to certain cities/fans, you have to give the day off for everyone in the country, that’s how it works… I don’t make the rules. It’s only fair.

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Whether you are a fan of the Chiefs, the Bucs, or put your mortgage up for a futures bet, I hope you celebrate the Super Bowl properly and can find the strength to fight through your Monday.

Let’s use the power of numbers to make this happen. Sign the Petition TODAY: