MORE than ever… I have the urge to get out of my house.

Everything Else Outdoors

You really see a lot of shit when you go outside of your house even though the government tells you not to. 

I decided that I wanted to go to Duluth and then Michigan for no reason. It was safe and most of the four-hour journey to Duluth was spent in the driver’s seat of my car watching trees pass by, with the occasional body of water. This is Minnesota, after all. 

The Good.

Guess what I saw? Two bald eagles. One of them was sitting in a tree was as big as a toddler. Just sitting there for no damn reason. So majestic, like Anthony Edwards sending Yuta Watanabe to HELL!

The other one was eating a carcass of some sort on the side of the road. I could see the blood in the snow. Also majestic, but in more of a fucked up way. . 

The Weird.

Then I stopped at a random gas station on exit 195 (near Finlayson &Askov) and this old Russian lady waved me over to her car and triggered my fight-or-flight. She said she was from Tennessee and handed me an 18 karat necklace for $20. Incredibly weird. I wish I could make this up.

Good Again.

Finally we made it up to the UP in Michigan and bought some legal weed.

The Ugly.

I thought people from Wisco were nice… but apparently not. On the way back from Michigan, my girlfriend walked into a restaurant in Wisconsin wearing a Vikings sweatshirt. We were given dirty glares and it actually felt like I was in high school again. The lady at the table across from us AUDIBLY said: “you can sit there on your dinner date all you want, but I’m still gonna stare at you.” Fucking rude!

When we were finally on our way back into town it snowed A LOT. It wasn’t just a light dusting. It was a full on blizzard. Like that one out of the Day After Tomorrow. I safely navigated though the heavy snow and ice and made home in time for breakfast.

Moral of the story… Never wear a Vikings sweatshirt in Wisconsin, unless you want a bunch of toothless people staring at you.