They Play for WHAT??? The Most Obscure Trophy Games in College Football

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November is here. This is when the weather turns colder and the rivalries heat up! With that comes trophy games that signify the greatest rivalries this sport has to offer. We’ve talked about the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy played for by Minnesota and Nebraska, but here are some of the other odd prizes in college football.

Old Oil Can (Fresno State / San Diego State)

This antique oil can represents the story of an old oil can from Fresno that was recovered on the campus of San Diego State. Unfortunately,

The Golden Screwdriver (Fresno State / Hawaii)

To say the least, Fresno State has some interesting taste in trophies…. An oil can and a screw driver? Was their athletic office initially a mechanic’s garage?

Golden Egg Trophy (Ole Miss / Mississippi State)

This may be the most normal looking trophy on this list, but the concept of playing for a large golden egg is anything but…

The Bridger Rifle (Utah State / Wyoming)

By far the coolest trophy of this group. Straight out of Yellowstone.

Wagon Wheel (Akron / Kent State)

While Darius Rucker is a South Carolina grad, he has his hands all over this rivalry.

The Bronze Stalk Trophy (Ball State / Northern Illinois)

What else would they play for in rural Illinois and Indiana?

Bad Blood

November provides plenty of action with no love lost on either side. Rivalry week may be the last week of the college football regular season, but all animosity seems to build to that boiling point! It’s not just trophies, as we will see opportunities for berths into conference championships and even the college football playoff in some scenarios.