Seeding the Boys & Girls Hockey High School Tournament

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Hot off the presses, the MSHSL announced full seeding. This impacts both the boys and girls state hockey tournaments and teams will now be seeded one through eight. The decision goes into effect this year. This is huge news as previously, seeding only went one through five. Three of the teams were un-seeded.

This is pretty big news from the MSHSL for the State of Hockey. There were other sports involved that will have their state tournaments impacted in addition to hockey.

Initial reaction? Love it. An actual good decision by the MSHSL… the thing is, everyone already knew who the six, seven, and eight seeds were (to a degree). I don’t know if anything changes dramatically. One thing that I did think of, for those previously unseeded teams, maybe having the stigma of a seed associated to your hometown (I won’t name, names, but we all know certain cities who have kids that didn’t grow up there) will provide a bit of underdog factor. Might be a bit of a mental thing (insert David and Goliath cliché).

I suppose just like with any Tournament, it will provide more official upsets. Maybe that is something the MSHSL wants to start tracking for hockey. It will definitely be fun seeing this play out, as there is already some good discussion on Twitter, formerly known as X this evening.

But What Else is MSHSL Hockey Up To?

I do have one other wild thought. I wonder if the official seeding makes it now inevitable, a matter of time, whatever, before the Tourney expands. In the short-term, there potentially could be an additional four teams being added to each class. I think eventually, the tournament could go up to maximum 16 teams in total. For some other ideas, here you go. I just have a feeling that there is something more at play with this update, even if we don’t get the full picture for awhile.

Expansion is for another time, thanks for reading!

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