Must-Have Foods To Eat At Your Super Bowl Party

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when I die, bury me in the pigs in a blanket section.

The single greatest day on the NFL calendar is upon us. Super Bowl 56 kicks off from LA in a couple days, and the excitement is building. Not only will this be a great game, but i’m more excited to eat my ass off and put my gut through hell. Some people like the various dips. Charcuterie boars will be filled across the country. And you know someone is probably spit roasting a whole ass pig. Here is my list of the essential foods to have for the Big Game.

Pizza, Pizza!

Jet’s Pizza FTW.

Let’s start with the basics: you can never go wrong with a big slice of ‘za for the big game. The key is ordering from the right place at the right time. Whether it’s a local spot or chain, Super Bowl Sunday is by far the busiest day in the pizza business. Last year an estimated 12.5 million pizzas (!!) were ordered while Brady got his 7th ring. Delivery times skyrocket, and shit becomes a hell storm inside your local Pizza Hut. Senior year Age can vouch on this! I got my ass kicked with deliveries in 2014 when Seattle beat the hell out of Denver. Be prepared with an order an hour before kickoff and either go get it early, or be prepared to wait. Unless you decided to go the home made route, or you’re whipping up a couple frozen pizzas. Our friends at 7th Avenue will beat all those pizzas. (Looking at you, DiGornio.)

Check On The Chicken!

Along with pizzas, wings usually dominate the menu at your big game party. And who doesn’t love wings? I’m not here to argue drums or flats, just make sure you got some good fucking sauce. OR, you could go with an alternate. Last year my and my roommates decided to go in on a big finger tailgate from Raising Cane’s, and it was glorious. I’m not gonna sit here and advertise it like Cory Cove, just know you got options with the chicken this Sunday.

Dips For Days

All the items I have listed above are all heavy hitters. But what if you want something simpler, or you’re the snacker type? Any sort of dip is an A-plus addition to the spread. And there’s tons of options if you’re picky. Everything from your standard buffalo chicken dip, to various cheese and taco dips. Can’t forget about those veggie dips too, we all know there will be celery and carrots around. Put them to good use, so I don’t have to throw them away!

Chips are also a no-brainer combo to the dip. Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese are married to the taco dip. Top of the Tater with Dutch Crunch is a Minnesotan classic. Hell, Tostitos invented the amazing Scoops specifically for days like Sunday. If you find a bag of those Scoops at your local store this weekend, you are definitely winning.

Sip You Some!

To end the list, you gotta add in what you’re sipping on. Some people take this to the extreme and scheme up Bloody Mary’s and other elaborate drinks. Or maybe you’re grabbing a case of Mich Golden and deleting a couple of 11 beers. No shame in the game. Personally, i’m not of the heavy drinker type. I’ll probably throw back a beer or 2, but I usually like to stick with sodas. As I mentioned above, these couple hours can wreck havoc on your gut. For that reason I am putting Canada Dry at the top of my grocery list this weekend. As long as you’re hydrated with something, the food will always taste better.

Super Bowl Sunday is the closest thing we have to an unofficial holiday. Many people are vouching to have the day after be a national holiday. But if you’re smart like me, you already took that Monday off so you can anticipate recovering from any hangover or food poisoning. Any way you flip it, eating for the Super Bowl is always a good time. Just make sure you eat and drink responsibly.