My Dream Golf Foursome, For Charity


As all of you know the 1st Annual 10K Invitational Golf Tournament is coming up on September 30, 2021 at Bunker Hills Golf Club. If you didn’t know and still want to sign up or sponsor click here. For those who can’t make it this year, start preparing for next years event by nailing down your dream foursome. Here are the 3 guys I want to round out my foursome:

John Daly: Patron Saint of a Good Time

The only no-brainer in any golf scenario. This guy is the definition of a good time, just bring enough cold beer and cigars for him to stay engaged for 18 holes. Take a look at the video below. Daly has no shoes, Pit Vipers, a cigar and he’s hitting drives off a can of beer. The best part is the athleticism he shows when precious beer is being spilled after his shot. Don’t let the beer belly fool you, that right there is an athlete who can still hit any shot he wants.

Pre 2009 Scandal Tiger Woods

The greatest athlete to ever live is 1997-2008 Tiger Woods. In that time he bagged 14 major championships and countless Perkins hostesses. He had everything you could ever want, the swag, the talent and most important he ALLEGEDLY had a lot of fun. He joins the our charity foursome to sinks putts and nail…….drives. Yeah, let’s go with drives.


Sadly, Bubba left 10,000 Takes before I began here but his legend lives on. He is the most entertaining Minnesota resident on Twitter. Whether he is hosting Twitter Spaces at 2am on a Saturday night or eating worms to reach 2,000 followers. This guy is simply an electric factory. I know he is listed as the 4th guy to join the squad but he is clearly a 1st overall kind of guy.