(My) Dream Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Year after year we have a perfectly average Super Bowl halftime show. Some people use it as a chance to add to their prop bet totals, but I want us to remember when the show was just a kick ass concert. I’ve decided to create the ultimate 5-7 song halftime show. I know many of you will disagree with some the acts listed here but I don’t care. You might even say it doesn’t make sense, and that’s your prerogative. You write your own version of this and we can compare lineups. Enjoy!


You need a song that will immediately get the crowd going, while also not being the best song. So imagine this, all the lights go out and the following starts blasting through the speakers.

You let T.I go for about a minute all the while drums starting adding bass to his song. The drums from Bring Em Out flow effortlessly into the next act.

It is impossible to have the RHCP perform and not at least get the crowd going with the intro to Snow.

RHCP cooks for about a minute before a DJ starts to play an EDM remix of Snow into a remix of Levels by Avicii.


And now into the best song of all time.

More EDM? Of course! You can never have too much EDM! For the next song of our halftime show, we go to this banger featuring legend Lil Jon.

Do we really need more Lil Jon? Sure, why not. Hit them with the classic, Turn Down For What.

And finally we finish with the greatest artist of all time, Eminem. Before he begins, the crowd is hit with the theme song from 300, “Returns a King”


Followed by the intro to “O Fortuna”

End the show with Till I Collapse.

I may or may not commission someone to actually edit these all together so we can see what a truly epic Super Bowl halftime show would look like. What do you think? Did I nail it or did I absolutely NAIL it?! Let me know in the comments section.