My New Favorite Minneapolis Character

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Everyone who’s ever lived in a decent-sized city knows there are some real characters you come across. Growing up in Lakeville, we had Stick Man, with the most self-explanatory name ever. These kinds of guys are incredible for morale, becoming something of a local celebrity for their vibes. In a world that’s poisoned by irony and too self-aware, some people are still just doing their thing.

I’ve since moved to Minneapolis, and have been here for a year or two now. Recently, I’ve discovered my new favorite dude(s): the guy who walks around uptown in a fedora. What makes him so great, you ask? Simple, he’s walking his dog who’s rocking a MATCHING FEDORA. I’m not the only one who’s seen these guys being dudes either, as a tweet went semi-viral a couple of weeks ago.

But it gets even better, because they have RANGE.

I feel like taking pictures of strangers in public is weird, except when it’s out of pure appreciation for sauciness. I had my own attempt cruising down Lake but ran into the most unfortunate timing for construction equipment ever (fitting for uptown these days).

I don’t think I could replicate this timing if I tried. Regardless, I salute this man. I know nothing about him, to the point where I don’t even have a name. All I know is he and his pal are doing their thing, and I think we could all learn something from that. Also, Minneapolis rules, even if the gas station selection is sub-par.

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