Correa's World Series Dreams

My Pants Are Tight Thanks to Carlos Correa

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Carlos Correa made his Spring Training debut with the Minnesota Twins this past Sunday in an afternoon game against the Boston Red Sox and it made my pants very tight.

Correa's World Series Dreams
Carlos Correa dreaming of a Twins World Series

Correa got the chance to show everyone why he is the reigning Platinum Glove Award winner for the American League and why he’s being paid the big bucks.

Carlos Correa makes fantastic diving play – Ben Verlander, Fox Sports MLB Analyst

No other shortstop on the Twins current roster is making that play from start to finish. It looked so natural to him and quite frankly, easy! Honestly, not too many former Twins in recent years could probably make this play look so easy other than Andrelton Simmons (Fuck him) and MAYBE J.J. Hardy.

Good with The Wood

Not only did Correa make an impact the field right away, he made an impact at the plate as well.

Sure, it’s a single. Everybody hits singles. But look at that swing. Flawlessly brings his hands inside the ball and hits a tough up and in pitch to left field.

We’re paying him to make defensive plays and hit the ball. He did just that in his very first game.

We have a lot to be excited for Twins fans.

How to keep Correa around long term

Correa’s 3 year/ $105.3 million deal comes with two opt outs. One after each of the first two years.

Plenty of fans are worried that we’re paying $35.1 million this year for Correa to leave and play elsewhere. That definitely is not the case. We have a great core group still and our pitching staff is very young. History shows that young pitching staffs are either ELITE or… well… the opposite of elite. I for one, am willing to wager that our young rotation will be good enough to land the Twins in the playoffs.

The Twins still do need some pitching to help support Correa, Buxton and the rest of the offense, but don’t fear. Correa just needs to see that we can be competitive and I have a feeling that we will since he appeared to be the missing link in a disastrous middle infield (defensively and offensively) as of the last few years.

Correa will be around for more than a year. So sit back and enjoy the tight pants!